Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers!

    How does the Point system work and where can i see my stats?

  • You start out with 1500 points.
  • You get +5 for a win.
  • You get -3 for a loss.
  • You get -10 for leaving. (This includes disconnects)
  • You can check your stats at -

I forgot my password. How can i recover it?

Contact the Global Admins or mail

Nothing happens when i press the "Connect" button. What is the problem?

First thing you need to do is check your internet connection and if you have any software (ex. firewall) that could be blocking the RGC connection. If everything with your pc is in order, probably the chat server is temporarily down. Be patient, it will be back up quickly or at least you will see an error message informing you what the issue is and what is the estimated time when the server will be running again.

I get a warning that a virus/trojan is detected in the rgc.exe. Does RGC contain any malicious software?

No! RGC is not any virus / trojan nor does it contain any other malicious software. If you get such a warning you are either using a software that is returning a large number of false positives, software that is not properly configured or your pc is infected with some sort infection that you need to clear.

I can`t join games...

Check if you have the current DotA map placed in the right location - Warcraft3/Maps/Download. If you do, try restarting client. If that doesn`t help, reinstall RGC.

Are there better channels to play in than the euro public?

Yes, there are custom channels that are leaver free, manners and skill oriented. You can find them on the fourms.
  • I get permission error when i try to join some channel. Why?
Many channels on RGC are private. That means you will have to be vouched in them in order to have access. Every channel has different vouch requirements that you need to meet to be given a vouch.

How to know if i am timebanned or clientbanned?

If you are client banned you won`t be able to join the client at all and you will get an error message with the reason when you try to connect. If you are timebanned from a channel you will get an error msg also. Timeban message includes the exact date and time when the ban expires. The is NO ban where you can join a channel but not play a game in it. If that happens there is some other issue.

How to add Avatar?

Upload the respective Avatar at some imagehosting site(Ex. and copy the "Direct Link" at Profile->Avatar

Are there any general client rules?

Yes, refer here.

How can i get support in the client?

Whisper any admin or join the support channel ( /j support ) . If you can't join the Client, folow this link so you can get help.

Where is the current chat/game server located?

The chatserver is currently located in London (England), and the gameservers are located in France, Brasil and Romania.

Are any cheats allowed?

Any form of maphacking will get you permanently banned!

Where can I report users

You can report users in the corresponding sub-forums of your region/room. Please follow the correct posting instructions, also found in the forums, as a pinned topic.

Is there Mac support?

Mac support is temporarily put on hold but will be available in the future.

My ping is fine, But I lag/delay in game. What can i do?

Try closing some chat channels, it should help. Check for any background programs running, that might be downloading or uploading. Also scan for malware and viruses, check you'r network usage, if it spikes and you aren't doing anything, then it's malware.

How can I rename my id?

Go to and buy a "Name Change"
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