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Lamy2000 from Malaysia^^

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Hello I am Lamy2000 I joined RGC 2 months ago, I came from Garena. Before this I normally have Dota game at Malaysia DotA Room20, this is only the rooms alive in Garena Malaysia but there are no administrations, and there are so many hackers and provokers, so I switched to RGC. Now here are some details:
Name: Lamy2000 (Q: Lamy is your real name? Nope it's my favourite fountain pen model, you can google it lamy2000 :D)
Age: 21
Country: Malaysia, Johor Bahru
Language: English, Malay and Chinese.
Room playing: Asia(Public), because the room admins and staffs are goddamn efficient process the leaver's cases filed by me.
Average gaming times: 3-5, 5-8 ( in semester breaks or weekends), 7-8 games per days
Hobbies: Running and reading, I run 5k per day I have fitness watch to record my steps, I have 250-300km steps per month on average.
Details about my gaming history
Years starting playing DotA:
How you know about DotA:
Because of friends daily discussion about DotA, so in order to fit their circle, I asked them to send me the Warcraft files.
The first hero used:
Zeus, I remembered I was killed by creeps, and very damn unfamiliar using right click to control movements of hero.
Normally I play carry and I pretty good at farming. I don't play support unless with friends or somebody I trusted.
Favorite hero:
Ursa warrior, and Legion Commander. Actually, I knew how to use many heroes, but I like consistency, I don't like to changes hero for the game, so if I use Ursa, I will use Ursa for a month without changing.
Sadly I don't have much real life friends playing D1 right now, they already switched to D2 or LoL, I am kind of a bit nostalgic about this, hahaha.
So since part of my gaming time are spent on Garena, so what's the difference between both platform?
a. The most obvious difference between this two platform is RGC have used self-bot for hosting games if, in Garena, they required a host to host the game, and the main problem is when the host leaves, all the games have to be stopped, it's very unfair and we could not do anything.
b. Garena is very vulnerable to hacks, many maphacks and exp hacks are not detected. So eventually they gave up on Lan games and move to LoL or HON.
c. Garena staffs are worsted, if you are in Garena before you know, somehow channel admin can be bought by money
You can find me at Asia public if you want to play with me, my id is Lamy2000. Thanks for reading guys.

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