Tournament Admin Tool v4

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Tournament Admin Tool v4

Developed by Mighty


What does this tool do?

This tool can vouch/unvouch players so fast and easily in tournaments.

It has a list to add players and 2 buttons to vouch/unvouch everyone in the list.

There is a clear button to reset all names in the list.


How to use.

Run RGC.

Run Tour Admin.exe as administrator.



Don't remove Tour Admin.exe from its folder, create a shortcut instead.

Don't delete any files in the TourAdmin folder.


If u need any help you can pm me  /w Mighty /w Drumz

Hope this tool will be useful for everyone.



New update v4   14.1.2018


●Fixed few bugs

●New version supports  both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. 

●Now all names u copy from the forum using  [ ctrl + c ]  are added automatically to the players list (This option works fine in google chrome only)




New update v3   7.1.2018

New option to add names from notepad by using the List.exe  located in Tour Admin folder.

New button "Notepad" to add names from List.txt.


To avoid vouching/unvouching wrong names or spam system the vouch/unvouch speed was reduced to 1.5 second.

Note: Don't press anything while players are getting vouched/unvouched  to avoid stopping it.


Added hotkeys:

Alt + q    to close Tour Admin.exe.

Alt + d   can delete selected names in the players list.

Alt + s    can edit selected names in the players list.

Alt + w   will pause the Tour Admin.exe (can be useful to pause vouching players) to unpause  use Alt + w  again.




●●●New update v2   21.12.2017●●●

Now works faster

Fixed the delay



Note: This tool can freeze your mouse until all names are vouched or sent successfully.


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tez1hpbqhhuq1a4/Tour Admin v4.rar

Tour Admin v4 (New version) Tour Admin v4.rar

Tour Admin v3 (old version)   Tour Admin v3.rar

Tour Admin v2 (old version)   TourAdminv2.rar


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