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SGL Christmas Tournament 2017

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Shimi Gaming League Christmas Tournament 2017

Brackets / Fixture :

Tournament Information :


Replays :

Anonymous vs Virtuspro Win anonymous vs digital chaos Win

Karne vs Masnaki  Win karne

DK vs Mastermind  Win DK

Advance VS Boy Tikol Win Boy Tikol

Ams vs Berserk t Win Ams

Eu.pubers vs Myth Win Eu.pubers

Team GG vs Revolution Win Revolution

Wisines on  Fire vs Slayers Win Wisines

Elite Warior vs Devil Warriors Elite Warior Win

Metanoia vs BOY TIKOL  Win BOY TIKOL

Shimi Team vs OLDF Win Shimi Team

TDK_Shimi vs IsBack Win TDK_Shimi

Almighty vs EG Win Almighty

GWAPO vs Anonymous Win Anonymous

xD.Wow?Fly vs Elite Warriors Win xD.Wow?Fly

Benito Camela Tripa (BCT) vs Karne Win Karne

EU Pubbers vs WiSiNeS ON FiRE Win EU Pubbers

SPIRIT vs TDK_Shimi Win TDK_Shimi

xD.Wow?Fly vs Mn-. Win xD.Wow?Fly

Anonymous vs Nameless Win Anonymous

BOY TIKOL vs Amsterdam Win BOY TIKOL

HDP vs Feel- Win HDP

TDK_Shimi VS Karne Win TDK_Shimi

HDP Style vs bernitas Win HDP Style

Anonymous vs BOY TIKOL Win Anonymous

xD.Wow?Fly vs EU Pubbers Win xD.Wow?Fly

TDK_Shimi vs ALmightYBhr5 Win TDK_Shimi

HDP Style vs Shimi.Team Win HDP Style

Anonymous vs TDK_shimi Win Anonymous

xD.Wow?Fly vs HDP Style Win xD.Wow?Fly


Bronze Match: HDP Style vs TDK_Shimi Win TDK_Shimi


Final 1: Anonymous vs xD.Wow?Fly Win Anonymous

Final 3: xD.Wow?Fly vs Anonymous Win Anonymous


RGC Events Team : Lupin


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