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Found 20 results

  1. Username : AFir# Reported user : master.kilerkn Reason : Insult ( Fahashi ) Time : Mine 5/19/20 Link :
  2. Username : AFir# Reported user : capitan009 Reason : Insult ( Fahashi ) Time : Mine 1 Link :
  3. Username : AFir# Reported user : ~_alireza_~ Reason : Insult ( Fahashi ) Time : Mine 1 Link :
  4. Username : AFir# Reported user : yaph375 Reason : Insult ( Fahashi ) Time : Mine 8 va 10 Link :
  5. I am new in RGC. I can play dota and lod as well. I've played it a lot of years in other platforms. Problem is that there i can play dota, join games play with microlags but its ok( if dont count low skilled players, i wanna play with harder ones). Problem is that i cant play lod in rooms. i tried lod eu, iran and asia rooms, but everywhere i got kicked by the bot. What's the problem? Do i need more points? Maybe i need vouch or smth like that? What do i need to have or to do? Now my dota points is about 1530 wr 51%
  6. username: guilhermepg I had problems, I'm sorry again, I have to be more flexible with the ban because the game was already lost and I had to help my dog anyway if I could unsubscribe, I thank you... I was fine at the start look at my score
  7. me username: guilhermepg ban request: everva roon : lod everna.w3g
  8. Hello. I have been banned for leaving in ardm after no heroes were left. you can see I wrote something in minute 44:40, when there were no heroes left. Then I left in min 45:11. Game ended 46:24. Help?
  9. I'm just new rgc but i noticed that when joining a game, most of the time, high points ask themselves to be swapped to the higher points team leaving all the low points in the other team. Some TC do not do this but most of the time it happens and the games ends up with a 20 minutes 1 sided match. I barely see any host using the !balance command. Shouldn't that at least be forced in a game? Its unfair for 1800k+ -ish points team to be playing those with 1500 points. I am suggesting that maybe rgc should at least put a limit in the difference of points between the two teams, like a difference between 300-400-ish points between the two teams would force the !balance command in the game. This can maybe limit the high points team to gang up on the lower points team. This is for the lod asia server btw. I do not know the case for the other servers.
  10. Display name: Хүслэн Room: lod Reason:leaver Reason of Appeal: it's getting late. and i need to catch the last trip so i quit.
  11. LastReplay.w3g
  12. salam man tamami room haye lod ban hastam alaki ban misham azad ham nemishe alan 20 roze south asia baste baram
  13. Ban

    your username: noxoi reported username: (No^ProBleM...) reason: AFK, last 10 min proof (gamelog/ID replay):
  14. PRIZES ➢ Champion: 250 RGD's + LoD Patron 1 month ➢ 2nd Place: 150 RGD's + LoD Champion 1 month ➢ 3rd Place: 100 RGD's + Room Champion 1 month TOURNAMENT INFORMATION ➢ Date: 08th October, 2017 ➢ Time: 11:00 RMT / 17:00 PH Time ➢ DQ Time: 20 Minutes ➢ Registration Deadline: 11:00 RMT 07th October, 2017 ➢ Room: /j LoD Asia ➢ Hostbot: .SG ➢ Map: DotA LoD 6.85l3.w3x ---> [ ] ➢ Mode: RU6 ➢ Format: 5 v 5 | Single Elimination | Final Match Best of 3 ➢ Victory: Destroying the World Tree/Frozen Throne RULES & REGULATIONS ➢ Maintain good manners. Disrespecting/insulting/taunting/trashtalking an opponent or staff may lead to team DQ. ➢ !FF is NOT allowed. Typing !ff command in game will result in immediate DQ and timebans. ➢ !RMK the game... Each team is allowed ONE !rmk to repick skills/heroes ONLY for disconnected players before 5 minutes. !rmk is NOT allowed for quitters or after 5 minutes. (unless there are exceptional circumstances) !rmk abuse after 5 minutes will result in team DQ & unvouch. ➢ Pausing the game... During hero/skill drafting phase, you may pause if more time is needed to decide Once drafting phase is completed, you must have a valid reason and count 3..2..1.. before you pause Pausing/resuming repeatedly to ruin games or to trashtalk will result in team DQ & unvouch ➢ Exploiting or abusing game/map bugs & picking Forbidden Skills/Combos will result in immediate Team DQ ➢ Waiting near enemy fountain to kill respawning enemy heroes without destroying Barracks is prohibited. ➢ Using hacks of any kind (goldhack, maphack and etc.) will result in immediately DQ and permanent ban. ➢ Upload game replays to after each win for verification FORBIDDEN SKILLS/COMBOS ✖ Rearm with Suicide ✖ Rearm with Eye of the Storm + Aghanim's Scepter ✖ Spirit Bear (Lone Druid) + Tranquil Boots ✖ Last word (Utility Lobster) Using forbidden skills/combos will lead to immediate Team DQ REGISTRATIONS ➢ Each team must have min. 5 players and up to 7 players max ➢ Swapping teammates must be done before round 1 with a LoD Asia.Staff. No swaps after round 1. ➢ Dummy accounts are NOT allowed. Participants must have 75+ games in the profile ➢ Each participant can register for 1 team only. Scammers will be banned upon detection ➢ Registration Format: Team Name: Captain: Members: Reserves: *Check your team's registration status here: Credits: # Special thanks to Charbel , Hakka & RGC.Team for bringing us this LoD tournament. # Tournament format & item/skill restrictions designed by Cojack & LoD Asia.Staff # LoD Asia replay parser custom tailored by TaTa-Docomo # Poster by Emisary— # Tournament managed by LoD Asia.Staff # LoD Asia Movies by GoodNamesRGone
  15. . خواهش میکنم . از روم ایران لود. با سلام وخسته نباشید به همگی شما . من به دلیل لفت دادن بن شدم فقط به خاطر اینکه یارای من خوب بازی نمی کردن و به دشمن هم کمک می کردن. لطفا ببخشید و منو آن بن کنید . دیگه تکرار نمیشه
  16. LoD IH Tournament Tournament information Map : DotA v6.85k LoD Mode : rgc ( sdzm3lsebfhso ) Room : LoD IH Date & Time : 17.09.2017 18:00 RMT Hostbot : .fr ( European Hostbot ) Format : Single Elimination (Finals will be Best of three ) Prizes 1st: LoD Patron rank in /j LoD + Room Champion in /j LoD IH + 100 RGDs 2nd: 200 RGDs for the team 3rd: 125 RGDs for the team In Game rules Mention proper timing before pausing. Dc before 1st blood or tower can be remade.Remake for any other reason is not allowed. Only 1 !rmk per team in the whole tournament. Admins only can observe the games. Tournament Admin can change the rule when/where required. Any kind of unsupportive behaviour/flamming/racism won't be tolerated and will lead to disqualification after warnings. Scourge/ Sentinel is decided by the following: Use shuffle players in the lobby and whoever is blue after that decides what side he picks. Banned spells Note: Exploiting any map bugs not shown below will also lead to a disqualification Saving the game Using boots of travel on enemies or using it level 1 on allies Killing your own courier to abuse experience bug // This section will still change depending on the map development happening right now Sign-up format Team name: Team captain: Team members: Reserve: Tournament slots are given out by the order of your registration. Who comes first serves first. Means signing up too late may only get you a slot as a reserve team in case one doesnt show up. changelog Map changed to DotA v6.85k LoD added new banned skills/items "using boots of travel on enemies or using it level 1 on allies" added new experience bug abuse "Killing your own courier to abuse experience"
  17. check

    My Acc : (MooooooJ) points : 1804 WinRate : 61% gL
  18. Team name : JustForFun captain name :[email protected] team members : PS.legends + Yasuo` + mr.blako + -alz3eem- Reserve: hohn_wick|
  19. your username: mashewe reported username: Apachezxc reason: he remaked the game for a nonsense reason obviously i couldnt understand what he wrote but i assumed by pointing at player 3 saying he was a noob or he didnt like his picks or he didnt swap anyways i did my job here. proof (gamelog/ID replay): EDIT: On another side note ill not report him cause he appoligized but i couldnt figure out how to delete this topic.
  20. Ranked Gaming Client LoD Asia Staff Recruitment RGC LoD Asia is the largest and most active LoD room in Asia region led by a passionate , professional yet friendly group of LoD Asia Staff. We are searching for 4 new members to join our staff panel due to continued growth. Prerequisites: ➪ Must have reasonable banhistory (no hacker or scammer bans) ➪ Must be a RGC player for longer than 3 months ➪ Must be familiar with LoD and LoD Asia Team Captain rules ➪ Must not be staff in other LoD rooms Staff Roles: ➪ Set good examples for players & uphold staff reputation ➪ Actively promote LoD Asia room presence on RGC ➪ Educate and assist players on rules, problems & requests ➪ Reply forum threads and process channel reports Selection Criteria: ➪ Activity/online hours ➪ Familiarity with rules and commands/previous experience as a staff will be favourably looked upon ➪ Passion for LoD and LoD Asia channel ➪ Personal maturity including attitude , manner , willingness to learn & contribute & communication skills ➪ Ability to fit into a team environment and work without supervision Questionnaire: Sample for illustrative purposes only ➪ Your RGC IGN: [z]ombi[e] ➪ Your name , age & gender: John Smith , 21 , Male ➪ Your country of location: India ➪ Your online RMT time: from RMT 9:00 to 15:00 ➪ Rate your English from 1-10: 8.5 ➪ Introduce yourself to us: I am a friendly gamer with nice manners, never making troubles ➪ Share some experience as a staff (if any): I have been a staff of (asia) public since 2016 ➪ What would you do under these circumstances: 1. A player calls you noob in a LoD Game I call him noob 2. A player calls you noob in LoD Asia chat lobby I ban him 2 hours 3. You have a problem with LoD Asia Channel Manager I add him to ignorelist About the staff recruitment: ➪ Application closes on May 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM RMT ➪ 4 new staffs will be selected ➪ Whispering channel staff begging to be chosen will not help candidates ➪ Questions regarding the selection criteria & questionnaire can be directed to Cojack or Ryu. Thank you for your interest and on-going support. Lod Asia Staff Team