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  1. VOID THIS ENTRY. XD_deead_lord.. is not part of saints. and saint is not gonna participate for this tournament yet. -Saint leader.
  2. LC duel bug 6.88vX - Explanation of the error / glitch: when i dueled sniper in bot (18mins in game) sniper used lothars but i got to duel him. sniper got invi for a second then the duel starded. instead of LC attacking sniper. LC went to attack creeps while in duel. - Replay ( ) - Time: 18mins in game.
  3. One more thing to report Sand king 2nd skill. the channeling. any level. when you use it on neutral creeps the neutral creeps doesnt move away. it stays still and gets killed. I dont know if thats an update or a bug.
  4. Hi i dont know what format to use when reporting bug but you can try this in your RGC DOTA 1)PICK ZEUS 2)GET LEVEL 6 SS 3) BUILD REFRESHER & AGAH 4)CLICK SS THEN WHEN REFRESHER ON CD DROP ON GROUND 5)THEN BOTTLE(OPTIONAL I THINK) 6)PICK UP REFRESHER 7) WALAH! REFRESHER NOT CD ANYMORE. Saw my team mate using it (game id 56227767 time:27mins in game. look at zeus in fountain.) Send me my RGD for reporting legit bug note: i think if you use any hero. and drop refresher and pick up the cd disappears. IDK but zeus can do it.
  5. APPLICATION FORM: (Please provide true information) 1. Your RGC & RGID Name: MariellTapang 2. How can you contribute to the group?: What Group? Lol. I'm very talkative so If you need to talk to someone, I'm your gal 3. Why should we choose you?: You should choose me because I'm Pro, That's It. Lol. All I Can do is kick spammers and the one who always CAPS THEIR MESSAGE whats else to do but that? PS: I'm not kidding about the Pro Part ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Your name: Mariell Syeih Tapang Age: 19 Country: Philippines Languages you speak: English / Tagalog Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: 11 (Confident) How often active are you?: As often as possible. Where do you play?: (cafe, home, office) Home.
  6. Hello Guys! I'm a Girl Gamer. Yes, I know. only few female gamers left in RGC but classic is still the best. YAY! My Ingame name is "MariellTapang" I'm always active looking for some Pro players to play with. you can either whisper and highlight me in RGC or message me in my facebook account. Before you add me on facebook. message me that your from RGC so i'll accept you. I Don't accept random guys. Only guys who i can play with. Thats all. Bow