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  1. Room name - Asia public Your display name - garry-cheema Reported display name - PaPa._.JaNi i was watching lobby and this guy was continuously abusing everyone's mothers, i saw him doing that since almost 2 hours , and decided to take screenshot of his latest abuses, he has a bad ban history relating to abusing in the name of country and personal background of users, sir mountnblade banned him before but he didn't learn his lesson i guess
  2. You two are among the best people of asia, just solve this in Asia staff channel, I remember when jack use to say that xnl is his best friend in games and we all use to have fun... just remember good times and forget bad ones
  3. Yes Yes Yes Yes !!!
  4. I think rgc needs more items at shop, those items should include, points boost( if purchased one may earn 2X or 3X points per win) Custom global ranks should allow us to edit them, level should stay same which should be set by staffs, like 200 , 300, but we should be able to choose colors and titles. Ban removal items, One should be able to remove bans which are already expired from his account , showing bans forever is an insult, as person has already paid for those bans by not being able to join that particular room for a certain period of time. and it can add to revenues of rgc as well. Team captain ranks for certain public and private rooms. Not all people can afford paying 200rgds for Global Dm rank, thus, introducing a team captain rank at cheaper rate for only one room can surely add to your revenues and low income players can afford to host as well. Stat reset needs to be re modified, when someone buys stat reset, his points ,games and dc rates set back to 0, but his gamelogs can still be seen at admin.rankedgaming if someone pays for stat reset, his game logs should be removed as well. these are the things that are worth discussing i believe. have a good day people.
  5. Jack = Most Just admin of Asia, Thank you for your time and efforts in making this one of the best moderated rooms . have a goodday
  6. It is sad if it is happening.. Please check gamelogs
  7. Froz is not a paying global, he is staff, Stop confusing staff with paid global, He cannot use these commands as this is abuse. but dont expect sansu to take actions, as he is only good at fu**** those who have no level or access, he cant do anything to froz and we all know why. What hurts is he tries to justify by saying warning and shit lol... As i have posted, they unvouched junior staff for same offence, but they only give warning to froz knowing that he is old staff and knows rules very well and still chooses to break them.. Well what else can we expect from these partial globals.. Everyone who is their friend can break rules and those arent their friends will be punished accordingly to offence. last words, My Middle Fingure salutes all abusers and their supporters
  8. Do not use TC commands in any games other than your hosted game.""""(These rules are not applicable for Paid Global Level 1500 and above) """ Didnt know Froz was paying global till today, thank you for the revelation that he is paying global . ROFL.
  9. Keep protecting one another globals :), Keep abusing players without ranks , Keep giving unfair and partial judgements ... We all know where it will all take rgc Make a new rule, No rules imply on globals And we are all good , no fuss about reports and no worries about hurting sentiments of fellow globals for doing just things .
  10. I remember When My avis sparrow was unvouched for doing the same thing, Thread link is here Anyways, Well played Sansu, Warning for those who know all rules and are old staffs and unvouch for new staffs who are under trial.. HAhahahahahah. So fair ... So fair that i m laughing out of joy.
  11. Thank You very much for this opportunity. Hope you find my profile worthy of the candidature. Application Form 1. Your RGC Display Name: Garry-Cheema 2. How can you contribute to the group?: Handling afker's/game spoilers/ruiners/flamers/racist & bug abusers with necessary actions. I will assist the senior admins and managers with necessary help they would need with my utmost & sincere cooperation. 3. Why should we pick you?: I am an active gamer for past 4 years and want to give my best efforts for this CLIENT. I want to maintain the level of discipline in this channel as well as improve myself along with it. Additional Information Your name: Gurinderjit Singh Age: 21 State, Country: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada languages you speak : English, Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: 9 How often active are you?: Daily 10 hours Where do you play?: (cafe, home, office) Home & Office
  12. I made a report on staff abuse, which was closed directly without taking any action " " After that i looked at all the solved abuses on this forum, and of that i will post screenshot just so that you don't have to check that yourself, From the screenshot you can see All the abuse reports are closed after reply of Global staffs or the Concerned staffs of that particular room. However my report was treated very differently, Is it because it was against global staff and an old staff? was it because they are well connected ? Or is it because that they have some special privileges here at rgc that they can do whatever they want? I talked to globals , they are not only hesitating of telling me which particular global closed it (Some gave direct hints) but also from helping me and even commenting on the issue. I am not the first person to report them, Report had over 1500views, almost supported by everyone , Still No actions taken and closing it without solving it and removing it to solved section without even replying to it suggests just one thing that Admins themselves are part of this abusive culture where they protect those that are close to them. Moreover, IF you read comments, abuser indirectly admitted his abuse in his replies. if that's not enough, what is enough ?
  13. Reporter name - economist300 reported display name - parokya? Time stamp - After picks were done Replay link - reason - wanted to be on my team, left because i didnt take him in my team
  14. good news, mirajane changed name and with new name he is promoted to rgc asia staff now, aka, Abuse gamers w/o ranks, be friends with abuser globals = promotions
  15. Abuser admits abuse .. still not enough . Close abuse support please. It gives us false hope.