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  1. RedRangeIsBack is an erroneous name.
  2. Invalid refer to page 1 for registration format. Team Name:Team Captain:Team Members:
  3. s2lonely.Frozen is already RGC PH Champion. What you are doing is considered an offence.
  4. ᗩPPlεㄨ does not meet the minimum games criterion
  5. Pcfc|.Red? Yythien? Mariell.tapang These 3 accounts haven't been registered yet...
  6. To reiterate LoD Asia staff's points: 1. Ban is valid as Forbidden Skill combo was selected 2. You won't be unbanned. Feel free to /w Cojack to discuss. !Denied
  7. Xavas accepted your apology and agreed to have you unbanned.
  8. Already resolved by LoD Staff. Use LOD designated forum http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/41-unban-requests/ for future requests, a subsidiary of EU regional channels.
  9. You have been given a second chance only days ago. A third chance is almost never considered. !Denied
  10. You do not have any active bans.
  11. You went from buying to selling ranks deliberately, knowing both are forbidden, evident through your banhistory. Some believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I concur. You are asking for a third chance which is almost never given. Farewell !Denied
  12. He made his own post: Thank you and respect to you for being a good friend, looking after VietNamese people. =D
  13. Based on your game history & the explanation provided, the admin has decided to give you a break. !Granted
  14. You haven't provided a legitimate reason for consideration. !Denied
  15. !Confirmed 10:28 |cFF00BFFFCompBan???Noo (Tiny) (1/0 | 51-6)|r clicked Shadow Fiend 21:23 |cFF00BFFFCompBan???Noo (Tiny) (13/1 | 86-6)|r clicked Shadow Fiend CompBan???Noo (RGID #242699753) uses maphack. Game ID: #4073136 Room: Argentina Date: Argentina -ap — Started: 16/04/2018 01:21 Computer Ban Clientban Active