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  1. 3 months into the year. Nothing new. No major changes, not even minor. Games still imbalanced and cancerous. Forum still full of spam and hard to read/follow. K. 10x
  2. yawleye , HiSoka!? and 西卡先生 You want timestamp for 40+ cumulated deaths ?
  3. yawleye , HiSoka!? and 西卡先生 pastmistake Game: http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=55814608 Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1520410636 That's obviously some serious antigame feed. Look at them . dying every minute.
  4. Aslo related to forum. Some stuff looks really broken 1) Emoticons don't work , or at least I cannot see/use any ? 2) Other subforums don't have a header image 3) The personal-panel . .appears only on subforums { top-right sidepanel }. It worked on main forum as well. I have to go to a subforum to check new posts.
  5. It randomly unchecks for me as well .. pretty rare , but ti does. Has something to do with the stuff RGC injects in warcraft3.
  6. Check if you're auto-save replay option is checked inside warcraft 3 .. . IF it's checked, verify that you have enough space on your drive where War3 is installed. { by enough i mean , more than 2-500MB FREE }
  7. I wasn't referring to a global announce/spam. Something integrated in client and on website/forum. For the interested users who want to check if any stream is available. This way we don't even need to advertise individually.
  8. Why isn't anyone cleaning forum from all the "report games" ? There are tons of morons or lazzy ass kids who post their reports wherever they want. Yest somehow nobody is cleaning the forum. Currently is so hard to follow the new threads.
  9. I myself stream as much as possible. Generally Eu Public games. But i`m not the only Dota 1 RGC streamer (i know at least 3 others). So Would be nice to see some RGC support towards us. Something implemented on forum or client, to advertise whenever we go online. Similar to joindota.com website http://prntscr.com/ifo4y6
  10. No pay2win, fair enough. Possible ideas for Premium/platinum member: --- special stuff on forum [ a badge, colored nickname, some emoticons pack unlocked :like in dota2 ] So this way, they also engage on forum ? --- being able to use colors in rgc chat ? [i know colors worked for a while] --- access to a private room where they get in closer contact with staff .. for either issue fixing, or client development ? --- posibiliy to use GIFs as avatars idk , these are just from the top of my head. Pretty sure if you'd give it some interest and focus, you'd come with better ideas.
  11. Actually the forum seems pretty active .. but on the ban/unban sections. If you ask me, there are 2 little english users or "interested" in the RGC development Also regarding the increase in income/better monetization .. why aren't they making the stuff in the shop ? I see disabled/not implemented shop items for the past 3y or so ?
  12. 800x600 monitor ?
  13. I recall this happened to me as well few times.. but It simply went away. Don't know if it was either the PC Restart .. the driver reinstall or something else.
  14. Don't want to be rude. . but same system is running for +3 years (dunno maybe more) ? That doesn't sound like a priority. Ok .. i don;t understand why you insist on the "queue" mechanic. The document say nothing of queuing. And I also am against the dota 2 queue stuff that restricts you from playing with friends unless you party. And the party system above a matchmaking i believe is a though thing to do. The proposed idea it's similar to having different skill level rooms but with a common chat. So they all sign from same room, but using a different form. Nothing else changes for the player's sign-workflow or nor should it represent a constraint for stacking players. Also, i`m not here to whine for all the good players who have their games ruined by unskilled players. The issue is available the other way around as well: i won't expect a newbe to learn shit or improve, if every game he plays is stomped by enemy team and flamed by allied skilled players. As for the clan system, we shouldn't even have this talk before improving game quality. I mean, i understands RGC also provides a stage for good teams to perform by providing them tournaments and events. But as I mentioned before .. there's huge gap. And the struggle is real for the player in between a.k.a. skilled players who want only pubs, not events and pro stuff. [quality enjoyable dota] I think you're overthinking and complicating things.
  15. @Cyano So you're suggesting to go back to Garena ? That was the most annoying thing: to not be able to play in the same room as your other 3 friends. And you might say: ok it's fine, you can all switch to Room 2. But it;s not. In time, Room 1 becomes the main room, where good games happen. And Room 2 is the backup room where "i don't care" , "whatever" kind of guys join. And after some time everyone will want to play in Room 1, and then get frustrated .. and welcome back to Garena. The point of the above is to understand that on garena, the 225 players/room was never the issue. They could have make it 512 , the story would have been the same.