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  1. i told _bobo_ka!!!! not to hst admin events ...when he was hosting and hunting points...coz at monthly events i told them points are not counted of admin events but he didnt obey me....... ``sHiFa||=
  2. Application Form 1. Your RGC Display Name: ``sHiFa||= 2. How can you contribute to the group?:i will try my best to work here.I have a experience how to manage a channel.sine here is bot to control spoilers. , i can help with the issues regarding spammers , spoilers, etc. 3. Why should we pick you?i I have been staff at myanmar ,i know how to do this work ,so i will do my best to work here and try to be faithfull and respect each and everyone.Discipline should be maintain also. Additional Information Your name: san magar Age: 19 State, Country:Nepal languages you speak : English,Nepali How often active are you? : 8 to 10 hours Where do you play?: home