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  1. Is there Any Problem when we Find 5v5 Bet in Pub?
  2. Reminder :- All team members should autojoin AGL room if any member found online & not in room will be unvouched immediately.
  3. Team Name : `Pro|digies Team Captain : `holy|horny? Team Member - cheed- - titibo...tibo!! - •sensai• - Aheeeelp
  4. Team Name : AllStar VN Team Captain : HD_itachi Team Member - Fb.winpro - Gauhamchoi - Huydang1478 - Mc.phant0m
  5. Do Not Trust NaMe : 1.Crimsongirl· 2.Harveydane He Is A real Scammer When I lost him... I paid him... But When i won .. He offline without Pay This is 4 times For Me... I dont want to Report him.. I think he will change But He's Not
  6. He play Furion and fly to Enemy Tower To die and he Buy TP and ward drop for Enemy and Level 4 He dead 20 times And then He Leave the Game His Name : ヅHF-GaRaY_Pr0 Room : Philipinnes Link Here
  7. He leave in middle game Name : -Assasinate-