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  1. Team Name : Kek Team Members : Frog FreshMonkey regenrunetop Yensel- Mr._.LoDa NymuNNNNNNNN Backup / reserve : Hook` eeL-
  2. Team Name : Kek Team Members : eeL- FreshMonkey regenrunetop Yensel- Mr._.LoDa Backup / reserve : Hook` / antbug
  3. @zozozoe , have a good day zoe , can i get unbanned , idk why u dont like me, when i do like you i apologized to you again... 5months banned not enough? what do you need more?
  4. username frog ban reason : it says "re" ban request link : dont have it Reason of Appeal : its a pernament ban , i apologized several times proofs : dont have any it was 2months ago.
  5. username : Frog again banned by zozozoe i dont know whats his problem with him Again i apology to zoe for what he hates me! unban if possible
  6. username: eeL- I got computerbanned by zozozoe, i apologize to zoe for what i've done. I hope you can unban me , thanks regards