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  1. Last year i play a couple of months in Serbia channel. BHL_Fire, MYM`Razer`Mania, B!gBrother and others are/was more than good. They never say something bad, they never try to stop me to play in the channel, to have fun, to take prices or whatever... not only that it was better, they give me ''the chance'' to do that(from their point of view). They give tc to my friend cuz he is active(he didnt ask for tc), they give tc to me when i ask just in 10 seconds. I play a couple of months every day and i dont remember nothing wrong with admins there. I dont play anymore in Serbia channel, i have my personal reasons, but if i decide to play again guess what will happen? Free tc, having fun, taking prices? Why not?... So pls tell me how changing Dembe who is RGCidontcare850staff(he dont care for me too) or Fire, or Mania will help you to play dota when you can play like a boss if you want even now and me too? Who stop you to play dota at Serbia channel? Ooo i forgot, you talk about TCs, about posts changing, about Garena, about protecting, but i talk about GAMING where these guys are good enough, ofc for me...
  2. '' lately I avoid to play on (EU) TD for reasons like this'' Very serious reasons! Your and others mistakes are: you are ''playing games'' about ranks etc.. where the winner will be, guess? So instead of writing about ranks and what someone tell you just play TD or whatever map you are playing.. Ofcourse if you are here to play!