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  1. my rgc name :syduck reporting :ReMeM|3ER.ME leaver
  2. i think privet chat not bannable u can ignore him
  3. i feel this is not cedric his mr .bloor
  4. before everything i told u plz give me slot i asked you more then 3 time then i use this power and i use it just 1 time in lobby i cant understand you, what u get when u see full team top and u want to give them slot are you sick ? you are really sick plz when u take timestamps take what i told u before 00:54 syduck maze need slot 01:06 syduck slot plz plz read this in lobby before i swap how i respect him and told him slot plz
  5. my rgc name :syduck reporting :<<<<<^___*>>>>> he didnt pick a hero afk 7 mins then kicked by timer