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  1. Username :lost$foundBan Reason :stolen accountBan request link :cant log in rgc(no link)Reason of Appeal :Yesterday one player called somehow gtazu(germany) has stolen my another account and with the help of Excort , he gave my account back. Today when I want to log in, RGC tell me I was banned for stealing accounts??? Can admin check this?Proofs : excort and cedric knows what has happended
  2. Username :lost$found Ban Reason :destroyed items and left the game Ban request link : http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/299439-game-ruiners/ Reason of Appeal : 1.pugna 20mins naked with item 'null' even no shoes scored 2-8 and he reported me 2.axe farm wood all the time, no dagger 3.our enemies have much better items because of these feeders we have no chance, I tried my best to make game balance but mates keep feeding. Should I waste the time playing with these noobs? 4.Can you admin watch the whole game, I know left the game is not right but who is the true game ruiner? These noobs with 20% winrate do not know how to play dota, they cant keep themselves alive even. 20mins naked pugna report me , it is totally a joke. Proofs : I cant find the game replay, so I cant screen shot to prove it BTW if RGC admin cant decide who is the game ruiner and protect these 1500- player , I delete my account no problem
  3. Your RGC Username:lost$found Abuser RGC Username:louisriel Room Name : Game #55823867 Proofs : Explain your situation: louisriel(doto) began to talk trash even in the lobby and we do not want to play with such uneducated player but he follows all the time. He lost last game and he is mad and talk shit again as above, none of us say dirty word(u can watch replay). Please ban this guy, he is not the first time behave like this
  4. We are getting old as well as dota1... Less dota1 players and less famous competition, should we cherish and respect each other? How do you feel when your opponents type 'ez' instead of 'gg' and actually it is not 'ez' game. Not all the players are pro and everyone has the right to solo mid. However, how ofen you can see people appologize for failing mid instead of saying why no ss why no help? Sometimes you try your best to win a game and your mates just blame each other and play negatively, according to RGC rules they should not be banned. Imagine once you spare no effort to win and still being blamed by your mates for ks or solo player, will you probably quit the game? We are not divine, our behaviours depend on our emotion. Autoban can not solve all the problems so does admin. Dota circle rely on all of us, try to say ty gg and sry in game and buy some wards for team. Complaining does not work but to forgive and play more focus on game you will receive respect in the long run.
  5. User Name:lost$found Ban Link: Unban Reason:First of all, it was my first time being afk for the new edition 6.88, I cant find the items because the photos changed and some new items are added. For the former editions, rgc map cant run in single game, so I have to spend more time on finding items in netgame on RGC. Secondly, the leaver was banned only 1 day but for me 5 days? It is not fair , because I have low point? I hope some admin can help unban me , I did not mean to be act like that. I know it was my fault and I apologize.