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  1. Last chance for this year will be given CaN`tBeFound has been unbanned by Dr.Spy.
  2. This fight isn't acceptable between you both as staffs , you are staining staffers' image with this action You both are wrong and you both shouldn't act like this especially in front of people's eyes I won't judge on any of you , I just want to say you both have to change your behavior since you are in the same team working for the channel I'll repeat my talk on the client the thread here will be closed .
  3. Hi Probably you didn't know that it's allowed for globals who have 1500 level and above to use commands in lobby You can check it out here scroll all the way down to the last line you will see it This thread will be closed if you have any inquire please feel free to post on forum or whisper me .
  4. H.y.p.e.R has been unvouched. Thanks for reporting .
  5. I reviewed your ban it was invalid for sure I will talk with Druid about it to see what the wrong was -[H]a(M)e[D]- has been unbanned by Dr.Spy.
  6. We've already talked about it at length , you abused your rank twice and you don't count yourself guilty and you are ready to do it again and again your all demands to demote Druid which is not accepted of course . You might get it back the next month which will be the last chance for you . Closed .
  7. This is a photoshoped picture , don't try to make mess here And never post for this case again . !DENIED and CLOSED .
  8. Firstly and foremost you HAVE TO STOP your bad behavior towards users and admins whether they were Iranians or others I don't blame Druid as I told you in private message you might be compbanned for this repeated attitude again and again This time you are unbanned from Iran rpg mix but next time you flame consider yourself banned from all Iran channels and might be compbanned . Closed .
  9. Shaftalo's computer has been banned by Ace. Shaftalo has been banned by Ace. Thank you for reporting .
  10. answer given here http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/17910-ban-without-proof !Denied and Closed .
  11. Duplicate post .http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/11148-unban-request/ Closed .
  12. Answer given here Closed .
  13. When you get banned in Iran you have to post in Iran section which is here http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/95-iran-section/ as i see your history ur timeban already expired . Kindly follow the correct format at the correct setcion !Denied and Closed .
  14. you have to follow the correct format Username : Ban Reason : Ban request link : Reason of Appeal : Proofs : !Denied .
  15. the channel is closed , no need to get unbanned anymore Closed .