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  1. Answer is already given here nothing will be changed towards this case Closed.
  2. Lying while we have the exact proof of your adv never helps. Everyone advertised for another client won't get unbanned . Closed .
  3. You've already got your answer at support [19:17]# Dr.Spy: i'm aware of ur action [19:17]# Dr.Spy: actions* [19:17]# Dr.Spy: no need to play innocent [19:18]# Dr.Spy: you've been insulting/annoying iran staffs for a long long time [19:18]# Dr.Spy: time to stop [19:19]# Dr.Spy: take a rest for 30d [19:19]# Dr.Spy:
  4. MH

    !Unsupport In reality this thread should be denied for not following the correct format which clearly tells you " You must provide timestamps, else your thread will be denied. Furthermore not anyone says MH enabled means it's really enabled , he does the same in every game he joins . Nothing suspicious was detected and for the next time kindly provide timestamps . Thank you for reporting .
  5. !Unsupport it's a delay click before he jumps into fog _____Kensei~ clicked him , nothing suspicious was detected .
  6. You've been unbanned , and we will check other cases for the staff named above and we'll take the necessary actions Closed .
  7. When you face lagging problem, it doesn't mean to flame staffs, be patient everything will be fine asap you've been unbanned .
  8. he's not feeding purposely , he's just a newbie player he's banned now for leaving the game satur is now timebanned from this channel until 23:12 on 27/08/2017 satur has been kicked by Dr.Spy. Closed .
  9. Confirmed 9410stku is now timebanned from this channel until 22:51 on 09/09/2017 Closed
  10. Confirmed !!VeNoPoIsOn!! is now timebanned from this channel until 22:19 on 04/09/2017 Closed .
  11. AFK

    Confirmed pichi_angel is now timebanned from this channel until 22:15 on 09/09/2017 Closed
  12. Confirmed CheripaXa_007 is now timebanned from this channel until 22:09 on 30/08/2017 CheripaXa_007 has been kicked by Dr.Spy. Closed .
  13. Good luck Closed .
  14. Here you can find your answer Closed .
  15. Those who advertised for another client never get an unban on RGC . Closed .