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  1. name:stolenskills name i report :SHAYNEDIMAANO replay: des: every kill he say (allahu akbar ) also he pause the game 2 times in fight 1 time when yurnero try kill luci min 47 in game
  2. name:stolenskills i report :»YmaTchOo| replay: des: he say lag and left min 19:40
  3. name:stolenskills i report : jaanulove replay: des: he feed on so much mid and he leave min 22
  4. name:StolenSkills name i report:东方不败v replay: des: ogre went woods more than 20 mins when we every fight without him also creeps mid take 2 towers of throne and he still farming just bcz he is mad and he ruin the game
  5. name:StolenSkills name i report:ghost_gift replay: des: tiny toss me to enemies min 40 i was gondar and mirana have gem since min 30 they kill me also he toss pudge 3 times mid
  6. name:StolenSkills name i report:[R]o[T] replay: des: he say bad words ( fuck ur sister tiny ) min :26:38 + he force leave and ruin the game 30:28
  7. name:StolenSkills name i report:日了再説 replay: descrip:all the game he wait us till we die so he go fight and use dagon to try kill also min 36 he pause 3 times with save game to waste time we already lost game cz we are playing with useless gameruiner bara every fight he was near us and watch us die then he go plz ban this guy 1 year also compban maybe he stop gameruin 日了再説日了再説日了再説日了再説日了再説日了再説日了再説