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  1. Can u be fraaands with me Sir !!! :D Make little fraandships with me

  2. please help us

    who can helped us ?

    all dont answer

  3. hola buenas tardes la verdad no entiendo porque me banean si la fui sancionado la ves pasado y ese mismo mensaje ahora me estan baneando no se que pasa por favor quiero me me desbaneen porque ya fui sancionado la ves pasada con legion

  4. God day rgc team.


    i have a question, i have a ban in the count (kignight) but a i dont now the reason of the ban, please someone can say me the reason.


     Click to choose files


  5. Estimado Equipo de RGC,


    No puedo entrar en este juego. Siempre protocolo de errores y el servidor sobrecargado.

    Por favor me ayude a resolver este problema.



  6. I am not please with decision  make for this report

    Can you review this decision.


    Thank you

  7. ahi sta el replay compro 36 tps y full wars porfavor baneenle gracias..!!


    1. mc.curry


      never anti gamer muerte intensa 


  8. ahista el replay alguein q me banee pliz



    1. mc.curry


      alguein q lo banee please


      era la venga sisisis


    2. mc.curry


      compro 36 tps y full wars


  9. quiero q metan ban pliz


  10. LastReplay.w3g banear a rilay por antigamer se compra cosas que no le sirven  las vende y se arma cosas que tampoco lle sirven y las vuelve a vender quiero que tomen en cuenta porfavor tiene alrededor de 3000 puntos es cuenta comprada y porfavor baneenlo gracias

  11. Ban is invalid and the staff has no right to ban someone who got unbanned by a global staff. It doesn't matter you're good at the game or you suck Globals are in the channel to maintain staff discipline and help towards the channel if needed. If the so called user/staff did so much for the channel he should be still working rather making a mockery of rules by banning and using caps without being a staff. And I see too much of nonsense in the thread relating to Global Staffs I suggest you to contact me while you have time and also about Asia RPG Mix and I want to know who what when was vouched and what work they did which I don't know about. Consider this as a warning for staff for such immature behaviour and act in the channel, if repeated concerned staff will be punished accordingly. !Closed
  12. Consider this as your last chance ever. If ever i found you abusing RGC/Global staff that will be the last time you would be doing it ever. !Granted for now.
  13. Please check the Updated Tour Date/Time/place . - MINITOUR SCHEDULE
  14. Click HERE to view the main Brackets. Click HERE to view the Tour Day/Time/Place. Special Thanks to : Charbel Tournament Sponsored by : Shimi[TH] & RGC.Team Organizer / Event Module : NoliMits Crew Management : FiFty & Lupin Helpers : Froz , [z]ombi[e] , yíyo , hexOr , `Genesis-| Streamed by : KenSin Good luck everyone!