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  1. It seems the theme which you had installed is not compatible with your system configuration. Try this solution, If you have that problem again,then re-install your warcraft(also dont install any themes)
  2. First you have to download the latest patch : - Latest Patch RGC Then you have to put your downloaded map in the right location. For e-g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne\Maps\Download You can follow this below link since you are new here!
  3. Follow error 3 in the below link:
  4. Already answered here.Take time to read what i had answer and give us the exact username.
  5. Thanks for your valuable feedback.We had been informed about that issue already. [20:15] # Hakka: well solution will be updated in next patch
  6. You had been given ban for this following reason: Please post here for unban
  7. No hay prohibición activa en tu nombre de usuario esesoyyo? Si estás intentando con otro nombre de usuario, vuelve a publicar aquí para que podamos comprobarlo
  8. There was no active bans in the username : Tridenx !Banhistory Tridenx If you are trying to login with some other username, please re-post here with that exact username which has such issue.
  9. Dear user, Your profile shows that you had logged in today with your username : 3261doga Proof: Which means there is no active bans!
  10. Answer was given here already
  11. Kindly talk to the middle east globals ► Middle East Globals ● SirQ ● Dr.Spy They will help you. You can also talk to Hakka or Ace regarding this
  12. You got ban because you had left a game . Proof: So the ban is valid
  13. There was no active bans in your username 3261doga If you are facing this problem again, re-post here again with the exact error message.