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  1. refer here
  2. !Denied 1.Follow proper format. 2.Post separately for each user.
  3. !Checked Giving you one last chance.Don't repeat it khinekieァ has been unbanned by Mount&Blade.
  4. See,first of all stop flaming here. I did the following things already. 1.I had un-banned the player who was banned by jackpro555. 2.I had given severe warning to jackpro555 ( i personally gave warning as well as Hakka gave warning too) 3.Jack will be demoted if he is doing the same thing again. I guess you might be thinking that we are simply saying here for a name sake. Hakka's warning's to jack Each and every staff's here are trying their level best to re-solve each and every issue and they are working hard .(which you might not know) And about jackpro555 , he had contributed too many things.For e-g., he is the one who will be solving your leavers/spoilers section , helping with user queries and so on. Since you are still not happy , i am demoting jack for 2 weeks from rgc asia staff to HA. If we receive any such cases in the future, it will be of permanent demotion. Abusing staffs in forum is not a good/nice thing.Strict actions will be taken if we find anyone abusing staffs in forum here.You can always post your queries in forum which will be replied by the concern channel staffs. I hope you understand.
  5. You had been un-banned already by SirQ
  6. Ban was lifted by SirQ You had been unbanned
  7. !Checked cheezychicken2 has been unbanned by Mount&Blade. Jackpro555 has been given a warning. If he is found repeating the same thing, strict actions will be taken. Inconvenience regreted.
  8. The thing is you got banned by SirQ And you have to post for unban here !Closed
  9. !Checked and !Granted gg_killer&* is now timebanned from this channel until 15:18 on 21/08/2018
  10. !Checked The reported username Mon.xd has active bans (This pc is a different one) The reported username `newbee- does not have any bans (This pc is a different one) The thing is 2 pc's are different.If a staff bans an account/user, then that particular player wont be able to use that account in that pc (till the ban time gets expire). Here in your case, he is using some other account in some other pc. I hope you get my point!!
  11. Good Luck! Best wishes!
  12. !checked Ranizhia is now timebanned from this channel until 17:32 on 20/08/2018 ChinaNumbawan is now timebanned from this channel until 17:33 on 20/08/2018 Note: If no one is replying, you can always report via forum!!
  13. !Checked and !Verified BEBLENG is now timebanned from this channel until 15:03 on 31/08/2018
  14. !Checked and !Granted Giving you a chance. oneminus has been unbanned by Mount&Blade.
  15. !Checked The user Lakas had been removed from the mentioned channels and he had been banned. If found repeating the same thing, severe actions will be taken! Thanks for reporting.