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  1. Whahahahahahahahahahahahah ROFL XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. serveroverload

    Kindly restart your router and then try to login into the client again!
  3. !Denied Wrong section. This section is for posting reports related to client issues.
  4. !Denied Wrong section. This section is for posting reports related to client issues.
  5. !Denied Wrong section. This section is for posting reports related to client issues.
  6. !Checked and !Granted The reason seems to be valid and the ban time also crossed almost 2 years. GTX1080 has been unbanned by Mount&Blade.
  7. While checking with the ban-history I could see that this was your first ban here in RGC.And since you had apologized for your mistake and promised here that you won't repeat it in the future, we would like to give you a chance. Already you had served a minimum ban period of 1 day. So, Shinigami0 has been unbanned by Mount&Blade. Note: Kindly avoid fightings here.This is not a place to fight.Thanks!!
  8. !Checked the entire gameplay Well, while checking with the replay i could see that Shinigami0 did a good team work by supporting with wards,ganking etc., But in elapsed time 29.52 he used the healing skill of winter wyvern when bara tried to charge.(He used it 3 times when bara tried to charge) Our rule says, • Game Ruiners : 5D 10D 15D depends on the weight of the offense ( Players who feed intentionally, misuse "Shared control" by using other heroes, destroying/trying to destroy their teammates' items or ruining in any other way are flagged/termed as "Game ruiners" ) Abusing skill in whatever means is considered as offence.And we never entertain such players(whomever it may be) Shinigami0 is now timebanned from this channel until 20:13 on 22/08/2017
  9. Denied! This section is for queries related to asia region.Post your unban request here
  10. Already answered here
  11. account

  12. Dear user, Please restart your router and try to re-login again
  13. Please follow the below steps: #Requirements 1: Email Address must be verified. 2: Correct Display name 3 : Correct Account name. 4 : Cause : If you have 3 of these, email me at with the same associated email with proper account details. Note: Anyother emails won't be entertained other than associated one. #Account cannot be recovered if you don't have valid email address. #Account cannot be recovered if you fail to complete the minimum Requirement stated above # Account Hacked by clicking Illegal referrals won't be recovered Refer here for more info:
  14. You got banned in LoD .Please post your unban request here
  15. !Checked and !Denied 1.Game was remade at Minute 3.26. Team captains are allowed to remake before 4 mins. 2.While checking with the gamelog,we could see that the game was remade because of some issue with the player or ping rate. For team captain rules, please read here