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  1. IGN: Leo This matter did not occur first time, this happened a while ago before when RYU did not disqualify the team anonymous. A team waited for 30 mins (after dq time) then waited for another 15 mins and then waited for another 10 mins for DLing the map, all up that would be i little less than an HOUR wait. I messaged ryu, obviously he did not reply, but his staffs said that apparently ryu wants to continue the finals even though theres a long wait. AN OBVIOUS bias going on here, I wasnt surprise this happened again, and wont be surprise if this case will happen more often because of ryu's childish decision, thats why I never play in ph tours anymore (rarely). RYU is not fit on this position, he makes rules and does not execute AHAHHAHA, I sound like a hater but guess what, i am just saying in behalf of players in pacific. I strongly recommend Ikamuzu as a new head staff in Ph.tours as this incident never happens when he was still a staff in there, Ikamazu is active, better judge, clean intentions ( NO BIAS) and i am sure can do a better job than ryu, Ryu always takes it personally and would depend the decision on which team he likes. Embarrassing, disgusting way of handling such a tour
  2. team amsterdam: captain: Dambuhala- members: leo A(é)Ra` -notofriends! trick? reserve: tba
  3. team amsterdam team captain: xú members : leap| trick? A(é)Ra` sashaaa- reserves:leo rize±
  4. team amsterdam team captain: xú members : leap| trick? A(é)Ra` sashaaa- reserves:leo rize±
  5. team: amsterdam captain :xú members:leap| trick? sgod- sashaaa- reserve: leo
  6. team name : amsterdam team captain : xú team members: trick? rize± leap| sashaaa- reserve: leo
  7. team name : amsterdam team capt : Xú team members : trick? [t]ug$s** rize± leap| reserve : Leo
  8. team name : amsterdam captain : timberxu members :Trick? SaShaaa- dambuhala- rize± reserve : leo
  9. team amsterdam captain: patiencefromxu members: pcfc_migz Trick? Rize± SaShaaa- reserve: leo
  10. TEAM NAME :AMSTERDAM TEAM CAPTAIN : Speedstar~ MEMBERS: Leap^* SaShaaa- sD.AvalonSK~ AomineDaikii RESERVE: LEO
  11. team: amsterdam captain : xu members: leap cracken leo tugs reserves: tba tba