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  1. to make it short : First situation about ~squamigera`) ~squamigera` after i raped him at mid he banned me for leaving. ye i left but game was over and i left few minutes before they destroyed throne http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php? you left, you got banned, no matter if its few mins before game ended, it is valid. about the second case, rodney will be told to stop such behavior, if he does not actions will be taken.
  2. i will speak to dembe about such. you will get your RGDs
  3. you unbanned me but why i can't join RGC?


    Screenshot (7).png

  4. denied, too many chances given already.
  5. @Hakka
  6. [09:56] France2018|Cedric: !clientunban minho최민호 minho최민호 has been unbanned by Cedric.
  7. not enough to ban, he will be warned not to repeat such behavior.
  8. [09:48] France2018|Cedric: !timeunban |kur{a}pika_ first and last chanct |kur{a}pika_ has been unbanned by Cedric.
  9. [09:44] France2018|Cedric: !clientunban OoOShinobiOoO OoOShinobiOoO has been unbanned by Cedric.
  10. que pasa con el rgc que no puedo abrir,surguio algun problema con la pagina


  11. [01:21] # Cedric: !clientunban Azazel.- Azazel.- has been unbanned by Cedric.
  12. i got banned cuse of one porn link xdddd
    you are very low admin  you think  who are you  ?
    i can change my windowz and get unban ez but Was your job correct?

    You did not even get an alert !!!
    When the power of your hand
    I prefer not to be at all Hakka's management team is just as well as it is in power
    You lost your best admins like ryu, shadow and sanu And ......
    Somewhat rarely did compban And they wrote the reason and proof
    But the likes of you and sirQ and ace are complex people
    You did not insult Iran too much, and everyone saw that ace wrote clearly in room sgl "iranian son of whores"
    And I'm sorry Dogs like lordcyrax Thousands of people claiming the slogan of serving Iran
    And the money rgd sold in your pocket
      Iran's senior administrators have power in their hands
    Good news for rgc is on the way
    Having such an Iranian population in rooms and sales of rgd, and insulting admins to them
    Should be registered with the official Iranian computer games organization
    And soon rgc will filter the filter

    And the official clinet of the iran battle will take you


  13. QUE HAGO PARA KITAR MI BAN QUIERO JUGAR ya pedi disculpapero sigo ban que hago no volvera a pasar

  14. You have 35% + disconnect ratio, i don't want you in my games. I joined 4 games in a row, you followed me in all of them, in the end i kicked you.
  15. Old post were moved to trashbin cus your are typing nonsense : first you were already given a chance by hakka, second the ban was legit : - min 4:30 > rushing huskar + rhasta when your hero had 130 HP - min 5:00 your revive, tp, and directly rush them again and die exactly 7sec after teleport. thread closed