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  1. Username :Jack_Dainelds
    Ban Reason :afk game ruin
    Ban request link :

    Reason of Appeal :i am playing to long rgc i am SORRY BECAUSE I WAS AFK PLEASE UNBAN  its never happen again
    Proofs : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1515781201


  2. ban already expired
  3. wong section denied.
  4. what ever you think about this game, there is no valid reason to ruin someone else fun. your ban will remain
  5. wrong section
  6. Wait for @MoON to answer
  7. denied wait for ban to expire.
  8. your 10yo brother knows about the darkweb ? lel denied
  9. you have to see with @zozozoe thread closed
  10. hey there i leave from game before 15 min bicuse i play with invoker and something drops me from the game (EU Public 23) i wanna to cast spell and just drop... can u remove becuse i dont want to leave just mistake

  11. Cedric can you please unban me! My little brother used my account by mistake to mess around with some guy! I apologize for any inconvenience. 



  12. You have been unbanned.
  13. [22:24] # Cedric: !compunban ParaziT69 ParaziT69's computer has been unbanned by Cedric. [22:24] # Cedric: !clientunban ParaziT69 ParaziT69 has been unbanned by Cedric.
  14. wrong section
  15. [22:28] # Cedric: !compunban glavi4ko0o glavi4ko0o's computer has been unbanned by Cedric. [22:28] # Cedric: !clientunban glavi4ko0o glavi4ko0o has been unbanned by Cedric. sorry for the inconvenience