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  1. All of you should stop threat now or i may ban the next one doing it on that thread. I checked the entire issue. I got something in mind which i wont tell now, i need to confirm from hakka but its hard for me to catch him online same time as i am online. So i please you to stop, enough has been said by you guys, i wont tollerate more threats towards an official staff member we have choosen. Final decision will be given in 2 days, then i should be able to talk to hakka. I am not able, but any asia staff is allowed to close this thread temporary to avoid further replies.
  2. Very welcome would be also, if clan leader will be able to change clan title, tag, prefix/suffix without creating a new clan. It could be payable from shop, like a user buy a namechange.
  3. Idea is good and there should be much more Features for clans. Like a ranksystem. Clanadmins can do this and that, clanstaffs other things and so on. Clans are important for many users, we should improve it.
  4. @Hakka
  5. @Hakka Please check that issue and make a decision. I will close that thread to avoid further trashtalk. Wait till hakka replied here, dont open a new thread for the same issue or you may be banned.
  6. Jew.Hunter.2's computer has been banned by KoolSaVaS. Jew.Hunter.2 has been banned by KoolSaVaS. Thx for reporting. !Closed
  7. You should read some last posts i answered about such issue. I will not repeat myself.
  8. You can have your opinion. But we are a gaming client and gaming matters for us at first. Sry Bad idea. !Closed
  9. In General you need to whisper them anyway cause you dont know if they are afk or not. So now you would pm a friend and ask if he wanna play or not, on your idea you would click on the friends acc and click on "send invite". Thats almost the same time, you dont even know if he is rdy or not. In Chat you know if he is rdy or not. Your idea would even only work for hosted games, how about signed games, where 10player alrdy signed? And what about you invite a friend but he doesnt know in which room you play? In those cases you will have a convo/pm anyway^^
  10. How stupid are you to report yourself? But sure you should take some break from rgc, i agree!
  11. We alrdy talked to have an item on Shop which gives you less points when you Lose games but for dc it shouldnt be, because we want to increase the game Level and not decreasing it with many leaver.
  12. Look on Our Shop. Stats reset costs 35rgds and your stats will be reset on each room played on your acc.
  13. He is client + compbanned !Closed
  14. Currently there are problems with login database. http://prntscr.com/kccpef / http://prntscr.com/kccpih @Charbel @Hakka
  15. [10:27] # KoolSaVaS: !compunban us.fatal apologized us.fatal's computer has been unbanned by KoolSaVaS. [10:27] # KoolSaVaS: !clientunban us.fatal apologized us.fatal has been unbanned by KoolSaVaS. !Closed