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  1. i saw here in this latest version 2 times bug when Nerubian Assasin bought aghanim. When someone try use that aghanim xx times he will stuck at 1 place.When you are stucked you cannot move, you cannot Tp only use force staff and aghanim, when you die, its back to normal. When you use aghanim xx times you will stuck again
  2. Challenge Accepted rooster update CA.Scooby SGC.Xali Babicqa Filas_dotadin Rev!l#(JA)DoTa Smurfs: liveandletorc TopIslandPlayer
  3. Hello, wanna join that tour. Team name : Challenge Accepted Captain CA.Scooby Rooster: CA.Scooby SGC.Xali Babicqa liveandletorc TopIslandPlayer Reserve: Filasdotadin Darknession
  4. Team name is Challenge Accepted
  5. Hello Its still posible join that tour? Captain CA.Scooby CA.Scooby SGC.Xali Babicqa liveandletorc TopIslandPlayer need vouch at room Smurfs: Filasdotadin
  6. Your RGC nick: CA.ScoobyBrief text about yourself: Tomas "Scooby" Kupka... i am 29 years old Czech playerDotA experience: I played this map almost from start when map developer was Guinsoo (Icefrog was developer later from 6.00+ versions) For these years i played probably at all known platforms. Played top eu Dota scene at leagues Mym.cpl and OK|Dl where i was voucher. I had top 2 cz sk team CA( challenge accepted) at dota 1 and this team i reborn later at Dota 2 where we played Joindota at division 2( top 40 EU teams) So its 9 years dota 1 and 3,5 years Dota 2 history Had here at RGC my own skilled league before. For example Warlock room here is my job too. DotA skill: HS+ support player and captain (2 years ago 6300 mmr at Dota 2), HS carry, HS offlane, MS+ mid player DotA roles: via up RGC stats: Dont have anyone..started play Dota 14 days ago at cz sk room again after 1 and half year break. Can write here vouched nicknames from Eu higher who knows me. For example SGC.Xali