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  1. Thanks... : )
  2. Granted! [aMo]Mr.Right is now timebanned from this channel until 12:01 on 24/10/2017
  3. Already banned by autoban system. Close!
  4. Already banned by autoban system. Close!
  5. Wrong section....
  6. sir i have a question i hope u can answer me, right now rgc autoban is active everyone who got dc always  or leave voluntarily is ban by auto ban, my question is whats the use of hunt for leavers if every body who got dc or leave got ban by autoban and we report in our game who leave voluntarily got wasted because u will reply the player has got banned by autoban already?

    1. Jackpro555


      Well autoban system don't ban all leavers at all it checks you last 20 games..

      in that you are left 10 games out of 20 he will ban you ask 50% ratio... if you are left or dc 5 games autoban system won't ban you.. get my point and Hunt event is not for only leaver its for afk & spoilers as well... I hope you understand.. 


      Enjoy your time on RGC.

    2. RedClaw


      ok i got it, thanks a lot!


  7. Well Jelly roger is not problem of war3 freez screen.. jelly roger theme helps you to improve you graphics and reduce lag/delay...may you have low config computer thats why.. Anyways Im happy that your problem is solved. Enjoy your time on RGC.
  8. You can't host new map without RGC. And about fatal error after game end.. that's map issue it will be fix in next update. so wait for next game..till then enjoy your time in RGC. Have good day...
  9. Cause you have wrong setup dear.... Download proper setup from here And follow steps... Good luck & Enjoy your time on RGC.
  10. NO hero sad Untitled.png.c293c35b1c2f278b5f55a28960b49865.png

    1. Jackpro555


      What do you mean no hero?


      In replay review?

    2. ·Ya-ha!


      when i replayed game i used replay seeker then when altab isee no hero


    3. Jackpro555


      i can see everything...



  11. Contact when you get free time.i can solve your problem. if im not online you can contact me here @Jackpro555
  12. Dear user... That's not hotkey problem.. you war3 freez cause your game is not installed properly.( After game end fatal error cause of map ) see here it must show like this if you have proper setup. check here:- If you don't have war3 setup.please download it from my thread thank you...
  13. This solution is for game war3 fatal error at game during you play game. At end you get error cause of this map not becuse of game.
  14. which OS you are using right now? I suggest you to use W7 64bit. The best OS for everything. CD-ROM Drive error you are geting cause of you didnt installed your game properly. After your patch successfully...you won't face that CD-ROM message/error.
  15. Just relocate your war3.exe from setings