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  1. wrong section please post on the given link below
  2. fatal error all of player encounter this at the end of the game this is a problem with map. for further info you can contact me @Berrys -thanks
  3. seperate yr rgc folder and warcraft folder. @bj57
  4. you encountered problem for what we called desync connection. for further problems or info's you can contact me @Berrys -thanks
  5. bug

    wrong section for map bugs report on the given link below -thanks
  6. we only clear ban history if you dont have valid bans. you can send ign on me @Berrys and i will give you further info's -thanks
  7. try reloading it -thanks
  8. wrong section please post to the given link below ● Ban Request (EU) Public Spoiler / Gameruiner ► -thanks
  9. wrong section please post to the right link given below -thanks
  10. make sure you have fast and stable net restarting modem will help -thanks
  11. in put printscreen ( proof ) -thanks
  12. its because of rgc checks for bugs and cheats in yr wc3. but it will open just wait for further informations you can contact me @Berrys -thanks
  13. it is with a problem with a map itself. RGC team are fixing the problem asap. -thanks
  14. wrong section please post to the given link below ● Unban Request Argentina ► ● Unban Request Brasil ► -thanks