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  1. This is the designated forum for Bolivia Channel ● Denuncias Bolivia ►
  2. !GRANTED Melvinism_Dota is now timebanned from this channel until 06:02 on 16/05/2018 Thanks for reporting!
  3. Oh hi, I think I misinterpret it. but the topic here is to download the 6.88VX and i told him that it does not work in the map downloader. We do make mistakes sometimes, thanks for your correction Mr.
  4. I've already answered this in your first post in Technical Support, please do not post twice in any sections. Thanks.
  5. bug

    Sometimes after your game it won't immediately show in the game history.. You have to refresh or relog.
  6. if you can't join hosted games in your old pc it is not bot bug, you have to download a map LATEST MAP DOWNLOAD Version 6.88VX Your new pc ( i5 4590 gtx 1050ti) this is a good specs though and its not win10. It could be your Internet Connection. If you are using Wifi only and your other family members are connected or even your neighbors ofcourse you will be lag. I prefer wired connection. But If you are using your Wifi alone would be ok as well.
  7. This link will help solve that :
  8. It's a good idea because it helps the staffs to monitor what is happening. especially when we are at work , school etc.
  9. This the designated forum for Bolivia repost your report here : ● Denuncias Bolivia ►
  10. This is the designated forum for Peru Channel Repost your report here : ● Denuncias Peru ►
  11. Yes the Map Downloader does not work in the new Map 6.88vX. Actually, you don't have to PM RGC Staffs. /j support. Read The headers, everything you need is there. If you need more help there are support staffs to help you. just giving you a tip so you don't have to wait for the RGC staffs to respond and not to waste your time and money in Computer Shop.
  12. Hi this is the designated forum for Venezuela repost your report here :
  13. This the designated forum for Brazil repost your report here. :
  14. Follow back idol :D