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  1. !GRANTED -Ez|-ZuiL|Love is now timebanned from this channel until 02:42 on 22/08/2018 Thanks for reporting!
  2. Introduction : Founded in 2016 as a symbol of alliance between Philippines, the largest regional channel in Ranked Gaming Asia, and Pacific league, each season of PH.Tours comprises Four weekly tournaments and One grand final tournament in which the RGC PH Champion team battles with the four weekly champion teams to defend its title. History : Current Title Holder : FierceMeta Current Schedule : Season 20 Week 2 (Aug 25th, 2018) Prizes : Weekly : Winner: Patron ranks in Philippines or Pacific (their choice) + Room Champion ranks in PH.Tours Runner-up: Patron ranks in the other channel (no choice) Grand Final : Winner: Global ranks RGC PH Champion + 100 RGD's Runner-up: 100 RGD's RULES & REGULATIONS : Time: Every SATURDAY 12:00 RMT (6:00pm PH Time) Mode: -CMZM (-cm 2) Format: (Weekly) Single Elimination Final Best-Of-1 (Grand) Double Elimination Final Twice-To-Beat DQ: [Round 1] 30 min, [Thereafter] 15 min Swap Players: NOT allowed after Round 1 (reserve players can play at any time) Latency: NOT allowed UNLESS your opponents agree RMK: NOT allowed after 1ST BLOOD Pause: NOT allowed except for emergency. (Mention 3..2..1.. before pausing or resuming) ITEM RESTRICTIONS : NONE ENTRY CRITERIA : Teams from all regions / countries are welcome Must have a minimum of 5 members & maximum of 7 (2 reserves max) Participants must have 100+ games to join tour. New accounts & dummies are not allowed Participants can only play for 1 team. RGC PH Champions & PH.Tours Room Champions cannot play weekly tours of the same season Attempting to use multi-accounts / scam tour will result in permanent bans from PH.Tours Register using the below format. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Team who get caught cheating/DQ won't be able to get a prize. For more questions just whisper deelps, ๖myut , reccacollins and ikamuzu. Best Regards: RGC.TEAM
  3. Bracket : https://ph-tours.challonge.com/PHToursS20W1 Winner : Fierce Empire .Nani? Soraヅ Alek- MharzRowan. WehSing-sama Congrats and goodluck in the grand final.
  4. !DENIED There's a difference between outplayed and intentional. I don't think this is bannable Thanks!
  5. !GRANTED mon.xd is now timebanned from this channel until 03:52 on 21/08/2018 Thanks for reporting!
  6. !GRANTED NTJ is now timebanned from this channel until 23:27 on 16/08/2018 KobaYashee is now timebanned from this channel until 23:27 on 16/08/2018 Thanks for reporting!
  7. !DENIED Refer to the link below : REPLAY PARSER: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/upload.php Upload the replay there and give us the proper link. Repost your report. Thanks! !Closed
  8. Post it in the proper section : http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/556-pedidos-de-ban/
  9. well, I think I understand your point. But you cannot blame them. they do not have a peception like you do. Everyone will judge you anyway. everyone went through that thing, as long as you did your best and you did nothing wrong with it, then you are good.
  10. I'm not sure if they will allow to unban the ip, because racist case is heavy. Try to post an unban req in the given link below. http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/91-unban-request/
  11. Hi Dracolich, Just helping a player to report about rubick Rubick used SS (Spell steal) to Alche and rubick got a chemical rage. Rubick used it and he did not change even after respawning until the end of the game and he was still able to steal a spell to other heroes. Here is a replay, in case you need it. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1534062333 Bug started at 18:00 Thank you!
  12. Hi, I took some time to watch the replay, for this one we have to take consideration because it was not intentional. since new map was set week ago, the map creator is looking for a bugs to get fixed. I will post your replay in the proper section of map bugs. next time give us the timestamps because not everyone will watch the whole replay. Thanks for reporting! !Closed
  13. its easier if you state your problem in english.
  14. @Hakka
  15. It's easier if you state your problem in english.