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  1. RGC IGN: ThUGe~LiFEeeee Replay: Timestamps: 31:00 What did you do?: i did Triple Killed
  2. RGC IGN: ChaseChaseChase & dapakerzz Replay: Timestamps: 28 mins What did you do?: Triple & Double Killed
  3. .
  4. RGC IGN: `Atrophy- Replay: Timestamps: 22 minutes What did you do?: I get Beyound GODLIKE and rampage like a boss .
  5. Greetings Players from LoD Asia. We are having a Top 10 Weekly Plays every week and will be upload @ So send your top plays now! Upload your replays @ We will choice Top 10 Plays Every week Format: RGC IGN: Replay: Timestamps: What did you do?: Follow the correct FORMAT or your post/request will be DENIED! Friday or Saturday Release of LoD Asia Top 10 Weekly Vol. 1
  6. Already ban by Lumpia CASE CLOSED! GNRG!
  7. RGC IGN: Araragi2Koyomi Replay: Timestamps: 18:00 What did you do?: Triple Killed
  8. RGC IGN: GoodNamesRGone Replay: Timestamps: 18:00 What did you do?: Triple Killed. Simple But Deadly Snake
  9. RGC IGN: unLoaded Replay: Timestamps: 23:00 What did you do?: Ultra Killed