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  1. The chat logs will be fixed (was ok on release). We are still tinkering on the website. But feel free to notify/report any inconsistancy or error so we fix em all.
  2. After a long time without any major update/upgrade to the website, we are proud to present you a new admin module. The new admin is redesigned and recoded from scratch, with the main idea in mind to be easier to use and faster, obtaining the information you need in less clicks than the previous version. ADMIN FEATURES LIST/CHANGES after login, you are redirect to your personal games-log. when you search for a member, the admin locks that account. So you don't have to search in each again in each page. For example: you search "charbel" in games-log. Then, you want to see also his ban history. You simply select from menu the ban-history page .. and (since the admin locked the account search on "charbel") you will get the results w/o doing another search. you can clear a search, by clicking on the right-side avatar (on hover, a red X will apear). By doing so, the admin, clears the search and locks back to your account, by default. more detailed ban-history. Both client bans and room bans are now all in one page, separated by tabs. Usually, everywhere you see a nickname you can click it to auto-copy it to clipboard (very useful for very strange names) the menu is easier to use, and all pages are 1 click away in the left sidebar added Ranks >> Overview page where you can view all the ranks listed from high to low room admins / channel managers and head-admins can clear vouches directly from admin added page Shop >> Transactions where you can see you shop-transactions w/o going to shop module and many more small things ... NEW LOGIN we took our liberty to change improve the login page/form as well NEW LOGO we now have a new logo, which is a better quality and we think represents the change We are always doing our best to improve wherever we can the RGC experience. Thank you for your support and please leave us some feedback regarding these changes (either good or bad) and tell us what you like/dislike or wish to have added/implemented to admin.
  3. Suck my ding ding dong                                                              



  4. Please note your unban request was taken and analyzed seriously. Unfortunately, the answer currently is NO. I'd suggest though to apply for the next unban no earlier than 09/08/2017 (roughly 6 months of ban). Denied * Unless you somehow manage to get forgiveness from all the flamed admins (though spamming/annoying them could have the opposite of desired effect)
  5. By providing RGC account name or specifying why were you banned in the 1st place.
  6. Everything needs hard work LUL. There aren't magical elfs that code this shit over night for you to use in the morning.
  7. Denied
  8. Denied
  9. We don't support ladder for TD. The client considers it as a custom Warcraft 3 map. tl;dr you can't
  10. After more than 1 year of no big releases at all:
    New admin, recoded and redesigned, is just around the corner. 

  11. Where? On forum ?
  12. That announcement will auto turn-off on 22/06/2017



  14. STOP SPAM ! loljk
  15. 3 Emoticon packs added. Feel free to suggest any emoticons you think are good to have on our forum. Onion Head Monkey Bofu For those who don;t know where the emoticons are located: If you want to see all emoticons available, you have first to select the appropriate category, as shown below. Otherwise you`ll only see the first 21 of them.