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  1. Your RGC display name: ღJÃRÈÐヅ How can you contribute to SGL: I will help the channel be more active by Promoting the channel and try my best to make it more well known on RGC Platform Why should we select you: I'm always online and I have experienced being staff and I will help the channel. Additional Information Your name (not obligatory):Jared AGE:14 Country:Philippines Languages you speak: Tagalog,English Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale 5.8 How often active are you:I'm active everyday, if not, I'm doing social experiments Where do you play (Cafe,Home,Office): Home,Cafe Ranked Gami
  2. Team Name:S.A TEAM Team Captain:ღJÃRÈÐヅ Team Members: 1.RGC_PIS_OUT 2.joshuzen 3.makhulet_001 4.<_ÃKÈÈLÃH_> Team Reserve: 1.GRUDGE_01 2. 3ngin3
  3. Team Name:S.A TEAM Team Capt:ღJÃRÈÐヅ Members: 1.<_ÃKÈÈLÃH_> 2.RGC_PIS_OUT 3.makhulet_001 4.joshuzen Reserve: 1.GRUDGE_06
  4. Team Name:AmiAnaN Team Captain:makhulet_001 Team Members: RGC_PIS_OUT strngers_11 joshuzen yvannah* Reserves: GRUDGE_06 ashlie_11