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  1. 4 months into the year. Nothing new. No major changes, not even minor. Games still imbalanced and cancerous. Forum still full of spam and hard to read/follow. K. 10x
  2. You mean a fun mode, that allowe allies to fight 1v1 each others to see who's the manliest.
  3. I didn't understand much of what you said. But I wasn't referring to that .. i was referring for example rooms like Serbia have a better ladder and stats. Than Eu Public
  4. I see some rooms have better stats and game logs in both admin panel and ladder. Why isn't europe having those also ?
  5. LUL
  6. Bump. For this thread and all the forum itself. It's like you don;t have time even 1h/week to re-clean the forum. EVERYTHING IS A MESS and reflects a general lack of interest.
  7. The 2nd part of this issue is, putting a flaming threshold is subjective. And will differ from mod to mod, and some abuse cases will/can emerge. But I do agree SEVERE cases of ongoing flame should be punished.
  8. Nobody realizing that the flame is fueled by the actual garbage gaming experience provided by the totally imbalanced games. More balanced games means less stress. Less stress, less reasons to flame. Banning language never worked anywhere. And never fixed anything. Sometimes makes the person even more frustrated. You have mute/ignore, and that's enough. Make good use of them.
  9. Good. I hope this awareness won't simply span over the next 2 years, though.
  10. 1) The obvious thing. Country code ... RO / IR / BG / FR etc . So you don't have to use !ping separately. You get to see ones country when he joins. 2) Already got 2 games where the morons won't rmk , so i get to play 4v5 just because. Also if someone dies FB , there are 7 votes required. I got a game where someone left/dropped min 1 and enemy team killed him, just so there are 7 votes required instead of 3. Guess who didn't rmk, and forced me to play a shit 4v5 game. Everywhere else I played so far: dotalicious / lagabuse / iccup .. 5min autormk was ON. I don't even know how is this a debate for players to decide if play or not, since eu pub is full of retards. 3) The issue with curent lobby stats, is that it's shown only for users that joined AFTER you. Also, checking ones stats while in lobby takes too much time and is clunky. Out of discussion. 4) Let's be reasonable, that's not (or at least shouldn't even be) a valid ban reason. Unless the actual reason is anti-game, and has nothing to do with the actual stalking. I often stream and I have been frequently harassed by such guys who wanted some internet attention. My issue is more related to the privacy factor though. Rather than the ingame stalking which you have power over by joining or not a certain game.
  11. Client won't die any time soon. There will always be a need in brazil / peru / asia. But as for for europe, yes. D E A D
  12. It's actually easy. But the interest and involvement is pretty low. And there's no way to prove me wrong since not even small stuff [no more than 15-30min of attention span required] are not done/repaired. Easiest example, forum been in same bad shape for the past 4months [or more?]. So you tell me that in 4 months nobody found time/interest to fix the obvious forum issues ? I call this bullshit and an obvious slack or lack of interest in what's actually needed on RGC. Imagine I have to read "where gaming matters" each time I login to RGC. money over users. every platform is the same in the end.
  13. 1) Show country code together with stats in lobby upon joining game 2) Leaver before min 5 = game auto-draw and end [NO QUESTION] 3) In lobby / in game command for checking a player stats. Idea example : !sd <slot_number> / !statsdota <slot_number> Inlobby returned result: same as when someone joins. Ingame Returned result: [RO] Pastmistake roomstats >> [1442 points] [345 games] [47% winrate] [15% leaverate] 4) Friend adding gives anyone the ability to stalk you, since is not mutual and it does not require your acceptance. I don't even understand how this (so obvious) stuff, and many others, was not yet implemented ...
  14. Oh , so you the guy who comes to Europe and fucks my games. GG NO RE.
  15. He meant to create Argentina Higher, and vouch is based only on points range with not discussions.