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  1. Your username: PastMistake Reported username: Ryozaki29 Game: Did not want to rmk, a min 1 storm drop. Went mid. Feed. Left.
  2. it's not the ISP ... I am streaming daily and always have a ping window opened to check my internet. RGC does lag/spike more than it did 3y ago when i last played. Also it disconnects a lot of users .. at least 1-2 times per game. Though in most cases it reconnects them susccesufully .. But still . it points to being a rgc issue.
  3. Your username: PastMistake Reported username: igorco Replay: Details: I can't believe nobody banned him unitl now. EVERY GAME goes like this: 1) he never prioritize boots.. playes w/o boots 20min 2) he never communicates with team 3) feeds or is totally irrelevant in team [never otherwise] 4) skills poorly [trax max dmg aura and bonus pts.. no slow . no silence] after 5000+ games playing like this is obv gameruin/antigame.
  4. r-tards
  5. IT's from the map... there's some thread around here explaining what you have to do .. Regardless you can go over it and let it be .. i think it's less work and stress that way
  6. heh? web what ? Yes, make me WEB LOPER. How hard can be to moderate a dead forum ? (after mass IP ban all peruvians and lebanonskys) GIEV MEH POWER ! Here's my Résumé: 22 y old, young and beautiful. Best Rilay player RGC and cosplay. Male. Black. Moldova. Here's me, making a sandwich. Inquiries: 250$ / month
  7. No MH = No fun. No fun = No download.
  8. Also games are lagging frequently.
  9. Yes. Integrate the teamspeak voice thingy in game. So i can be flamed by feeding peruvians non stop. gg wp
  10. Personally I`m done with reporting toxic players or leavers. The (EU) Public room experience is shittier by the day. It degraded so much in the past 2 years, I don't even ... They see players with +40% leave ratio and nobody votekicks them.
  11. That's cute. All my 3 ban reports were not even solved ... 5days later.
  12. 1).Your RGC username : PastMistake(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : ssnnssnn(3).The link to the replay : in a thorough manner exactly what happened Said game is noob, and left min 15
  13. bump