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  1. He meant to create Argentina Higher, and vouch is based only on points range with not discussions.
  2. In case you start the "do this, do that" bullshit: - reinstalled war3 - reinstalled rgc - reinstalled nvidia drivers - reinstalled OBS Obviously the RGC update fuckedup something in war3.
  3. Day 12 , and I still can't stream warcraft 3 anymore through RGC, using OBS. I don't know what updates you did on client but shit's not working anymore. I tried with a fresh RGC copy, same thing. I can stream war3 only when I run it from outside RGC. Otherwise, black screen on OBS. You had 1 job. GG WP
  4. That's the most retarded thing i've heard ..
  5. What are u talking about ? I can't even start the client. It updates, and then nothing ...
  6. Autism kid. Please go away, you delicate flower.
  7. Don't worry. There's a report/post with your name , where u flame whole team , whole game , after u mute everyone. Enjoy autism.
  8. Your username: FutureMistake Reported username: PostRock / {B}adr Game: Replay: {B}adr - AFK and kicked from game PostRock - AFK on fountain when we needed defend. All he was doing was staying back in fountain/tree and cast some spells once in a while. But mainly staying afk/idle on purpose. See chat log and game after min 35. He's so toxic
  9. Somehow it got better/fixed in the past 1-2 weeks.
  10. And this is why you can't believe shit from what admins say on forum or client: So this guy has 4 games and 2 leaves (50%) leave ratio in less than 2h. Study case: 1) I go to forum and report him for leaving ? @Berrys come and shove a copy-paste text down my throat on how the leaves are automatically handled by bot and bla bla bla. 2) I tell every single mod to go fuck themselves and uninstall RGC Meanwhile our brave hero mid player a.k.a. {s*a*r*a*m*o*n}, and other 1000 like him, keeps on going on with the magic combo mid + feed + leave Well played RGC ! Please don't come and reply with shit like "oh the bot was down at that time" "oh .. the math formula doesn't punish leave-stats like his" "oh .. our bad. The math formula seemed to be wrong or something" "oh .. the bot bans only rage quits" Oh, OH oh OHHHHH . YOU SUCK, RGC!
  11. Your username: PastMistake Reported username: #ZAC Game: Replay: FEED / always farming no wards no team play / after that he decides to go AFK on defend.
  12. Your username: PastMistake Reported username: k3rck0 Game: Replay: Item steal and destroy in base. Wind lance + tp (min 26:30)
  13. Your username: PastMistake Reported username: whole team [ xKito -anticaps raiggor Wavvvv-|| ursi ] Game: Replay: So yea .. stack of 5 decides that !FF is obsolete they mass leave long before game was even considered as "over". PS: also TSOK1234 was kicked for being afk. ---------------------------------------------------------------- LATER EDIT: I hope he gets extra 6h ban for being retarded.
  14. made my day
  15. Same here !!! ROOM: Serbia GAME: REPLAY: Note: both in replay and gamelogs the scores are bad. Also we are all as LEAVERS .. though we won by tree-kill.