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  1. I read a lot of nonsense from @#Genesis , some ideas [but not well thought thoroughly] from @MariellTapang and a spot on description from @Zaksor Current system is ok: I just came from a game where (even though i was the highest pts, winrate in team) after i pick mid SF , 40s later an afk dude picks axe and requests mid (Vs voker). He somehow decides to be a mercyful god. goes wood, and lets me mid. Game ends 40min later ( i carry his ass ) and he never buys a fucking dagger (nor even a lothar ). Solid 2/6/3 axe player. 1) There;s no need for debate. RGC is in same state [stability / peformance / features] like 2years ago. Client was good enough on these features since 2 years ago. 2) Map is done by dracolich .. rgc has nothing to do with it, apart some small involvement and resources [too little to matter] 3) Why is everyone bashing the matchmaking with the "i got friends" reason ? You can't play dota with friends on Dota 2? OR what is the logic behind your fears ... ? I already stated before: solo queue is ranked .. if u wanna play with friends [go custom games, but is not ranked (unless they decide to do a party rank like in dota 2)] This is not even the smallest impediment on implementing a matchmaking. There are so many ways, so many solutions... zero will / interest. 4) RGC has only 1 core developer. The rest are doing maintenance or web stuff that is not directly related to client features or game experience. So the sad truth is that all these important features we all request/need can be done by only 1 person. There has been only 1 elephant in this room for the past 2-3 years: the matchmaking system and 50% of the other issues people have with RGC are fixed on the spot
  2. Welcome to June btw.
  3. PRO: Easy arab/russian language tutorials why playing.
  4. @LikeBall is it true you use purified vodka instead of water to make vodka ?
  5. Pretty sure hosting bots are separate from room chat bots. So such app would mostly lag the chat, not the games.
  6. Half of the suggested ideas are so obvious, I think they already knew about them. And makes me wonder why the hell are they not even implemented yet. So maybe rename section to "Reminders". PS: on the side note. If you take this whole section and read it from the first ever thread. You will realize that NOT EVEN ONE of them has been implemented/approved or anything.
  7. We don't even have a proper buddy-system-chat or w/e you wanna call it. To make it only for rooms, would be a waste of time and most important resources (seems they are close to none)
  8. There are plenty of guys who really wanna help out (even if it's for some higher access bragging reasons). Wouldn't be hard to find 2 guys and assign them only with this task: of maintaining and cleaning forum. Nothing less, nothing more.
  9. Yes but you do realize that on EU, you have the choice of leaving lobby, and try to find another game with better balance. In Iran room, you have to wait for all 10 players to join and lock, before you get to see who do you have in team. For that reason alone, it's easier to find/seek balanced games in eu than Iran.
  10. Current !balance if implemented in your room, will do more harm than good. At least that's what I noticed on my 2weeks ban from Eu Pub, when I chose to play on Iran room. First of all, the balance is based solely on points. So after that long period if no balance, where users went on gaining lots of pts. The autobalance, if enabled, will associate a 7k pts with a -1k pts in an attempt to balance the game. That's an insta-loss to the 7k pts player. EACH TIME ! Second, if you test Iran, you'll realize that almost everyone is 1500+ pts, due to the autoblaance. You might think, well that's good ! NO! There are players that are realistically 500-1000 pts that now are with 1500+. So you never know who in your team will fuck you up next game. So it doesn't really fix the problem, it just covers it under the carpet. There's only one way for autobalance, either dota 2 system or ICCUP
  11. But I`m not. It's just that I was admin on some forums. I know a little bit on how forums work. PS: Do you even have to be a programmer or have high knowledge to realize some obvious facts ? You just have to stop on being ignorant.
  12. Oh yeah? Seems they found a workaround to not crash at the end of eachgame. Seems Like i don't need to "know why these things happen". Thanks for your input and selfkick in the nuts.
  13. Are you even reading the stuff ? WHY HAS NOBODY CLEARED THE FORUMS FROM ALL THOSE WRONGLY POSTED UNBAN THREADS, SO FAR ? is it because some dude made a lame work when he made the forum ?
  14. Blamed for what ? For anyone never giving a fuck to fixing the forum ? You gonna blame a non-existent guy for the slack/lack of forum moderators not cleaning the forum from wrongly posted unban threads ? I mean.. what the actual fuck. That's like blaming your car manufacturer everytime your car gets dirty, instead of going and fucking wash it yourself. No offence, but some of the replies I get to some posts are MIND BLOWING!
  15. 5 months into the year. Nothing new. No major changes, not even minor. Games still imbalanced and cancerous. Forum still full of spam and hard to read/follow. K. 10x PS: Yes. Hop on, boyz and grillz: it's that thread again.