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  1. (1).Your RGC username : Desolatordunkel (2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : SE_QUE_PERDERAS , casanovasvk (3).The link to the replay : (4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened (what he did that can be accounted punishable): Pls bann this people, they are leavers (5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (Game time on the top center, or replay time on the bottom right-hand corner while viewing the replay). Staff are not liable to watch the entire replay, only time-stamps provided will be evaluated. If this format is not followed, the thread will be denied & closed.
  2. Username : Desolatordunkel Ban Reason : Leave Look times exactly the replay at the Warkraft, since we won and did not go out before the game ends! The LoooooooooooL is lying. I would like to ban the LoooooooooooL !!!!! Ban request link :replay_1504054500.w3greplay_1504054500.w3g replay_1504054500.w3g
  3. See Ziko

    You were wrong



    1. DesolatorDunkel
    2. nick5419


      Yes for sure, pls do double check the replay, why u banned us all? We were won the game!

    3. DesolatorDunkel


      we have unbanned