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  1. hi his work has been correct , he remake game after leave (ragnar)
  2. [23:44] Alone_player: !timeunban mehrshadafzoon chance given mehrshadafzoon has been unbanned by Alone_player. Closed
  3. بن صحیح بوده. بسته شد.
  4. بن صحیح بوده وقتی در گیم فحاشی میکنید پلایر هایی که فحش شما را ببینند میتوانند درخواست بن شما را بدهند بسته شد.
  5. [23:38] Alone_player: !timeunban ESMIGEL wrong ban ESMIGEL has been unbanned by Alone_player. با تشکر از صبر و شکیبایی شما. بسته شد.
  6. you banned in Iran LoD section request in link below for Unban Closed
  7. @SirQyou banned by sir wait for him , i talk with him for give you a chance Closed
  8. hi you sent illegal adv you banned by Sir Cedric you can request for unban after 1 week Closed
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  10. mmd_druidヅ
  11. #hidden³
  12. [t]he.[t]ired
  13. $.$nevermore$.$
  14. [pro]_tkm
  15. mamadsekeer