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  1. Hello, this issue has been addressed and fixed, update expected to come soon
  2. Known issue, fixed in recent releases, expected to be updated soon
  3. Known issue, solved in newest version, expected to be updated soon
  4. Be more accurate - what is "too long"? We used to play for 24h straight back than, and now it's about 3-4 hours
  5. how do they save the game if it's blocked in multiplayer/singleplayer?
  6. Issue located & fixed, thanks, update soon
  7. Provide replay for 2nd report. All dota replays are autosaved inside wc3/replay/autosaved/multiplayer
  8. If you'll met broken Skewer, make sure to upload replay http://parser.rankedgaming.com All replays are always autosaved, just check out "replays/autosave/multiplayer" folder. No, your option settings irrelevant in this term, it's always saved.
  9. List of primary changes between 6.88u4 and 6.88v3. Common Ban+Pick (-bp) mode is now default for AP: you have 15 seconds to nominate heroes for ban, half of nominated heroes will be banned (randomly) and become unavailable for picking. Techies is now available again for all game modes "Full item cost selling" now works for any amount and type of items bought in the past 10 seconds, including consumables. Ring of Health is still forbidden to sell back for 100% price. Item bought tracking now supports quick buy, means every component is now properly sellable within 10 seconds time window. Game window on the panel will flash once game is loaded or your hero is revived if game's window minimized Allies can no longer drop/attack items using your hero if you've shared control with them. You'll see notify about somebody is trying to control your hero, so you can decide to keep control shared or disable alliance with the abuser. Enabled Santa's Hats Courier hotkey-icon is now always visible for the owner, as well as hotkey F8 (~), even if courier is busy Hero names will no longer be included into kills feed You can now use Alt+Left click to announce your abilities state, items you're gonna buy or items enemy/ally has. These messages are normal chat messages and affected by all kinds of mute (squelch, etc) Ctrl+Alt+Left click onto item in the shop/hero in the tavern to remind allies about what your team needs Fixes Fixed various scenarios of becoming stun-immune Fixed Skewer malfunctioning under some circumstances Bottle can now be used on allies if you hold Ctrl key down when clicking it Toggling Wards no longer counts as an action (spell), it won't revel Windwalk, for example Added visual animation for heroes while channeling teleportation Unstable Current, Fortune's End, Diffusal Blade's purge no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex) Cyclone no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex) Borrowed Time no longer interrupts channeling when casted automatically It's no longer possible to apply Linken's Sphere buff to an ally with another Linken's buff equipped (they didn't stack anyway) Linken no longer reacts on Silver Edge/Lothar's Edge buffed attacks from ranged enemies Windwalk (Lothar's Edge / Silver Edge) no longer dispells when unit auto-morphs into his normal form (Alchemist / Lycan / etc) Phase Shift no longer dispels if Puck is moved somehow while not interrupting the channeling Added notification about players who did the most damage to enemy heroes/towers and got the best experience per minute rate. It displayed right after destroying enemy's Ancient. Full list of changes, including minor fixes, can be found here.
  10. She isn't melee hero
  11. Sadly thats only visual issue, Basil/Vladmir provides it's regeneration in different form of healing instead
  12. thanks, just fixed!
  13. Because balance reasons, thats why. Dispel rules are complex, yet getting easier with ever patch