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  1. tht mod is Old and you can see it in the models not HQ maybe sometimes not HQ but not pixelizin I downloaded that mod form lancraft that mod released 2012 and the thread released 2014
  2. not his design, its from the Team DOTA modders like IceWolf, Tihloh, Renna!ssance, LionHeart07, Disegraf, ReinnerGeeBoy and etc. also the thread is Posted on August 3rd 2017 and this current thread is posted on October 5th 2017
  3. Have fun and thanks for downloading bro...
  4. Ey dude -JackPro555 copied your idea w/o credits to creators and ur idea check it out uhh yeah Ive seen it sad
  5. Made by Renna!sance? 1st idea HQ models and terain txtures
  6. Kailangan mopo MPQ master para ma inject po mismo ang files sa warpatch.mpq at folder per folder po ang extraction
  7. Update!!! meron napong dagdag sa mod po kasama napo ang Spell Packs na pinost kopo ngayong Nov.10 , 2017 salamat po sa pag tangkilik ng mod.
  8. Simply just extract the files to the directory of your Warcraft III folder and follows the steps on the notepad which IceWolf created for instructions.
  9. First of all this is for DOTA HQ Mod for War3 which I posted before and This is not my work I just spread the good works of spell packs made by modder. Special thanks to : Sir IceWolf055 Kunkka spellpack : Darkseer spellpack : Alchemist spellpack : Barathrum spellpack : Bounty Hunter spellpack: Invoker spellpack : Huskar spellpack : Bristle Back spellpack : Jakiro spellpack : Ancient Apparition spellpack : Antimage spellpack : Troll spellpack : Enigma spellpack : Puck spellpack : Filipino : Kung may kulang po kayo/ayaw gumana na hero model request lng po kayo tapos mag send po ako links... English : If there's problem about hero models/the model still DOTA 1 request the hero name and I'll send you links...
  10. Made by Renna!sance?
  11. ©©©©©©©©©© Download mod here at # 13 Parts Download (2.4 GB) +Bonus Included +Lastest Dota map edited for DOTA-HQ v6 +DOTA 2 Intro cinema Full game Direct link here : (extract all to WarCraft folder) # Part-01 # Part-02 # Part-03 # Part-04 # Part-05 # Part-06 # Part-07 # Part-08 # Part-09 # Part-10 # Part-11 # Part-12 # Part-13 Download patch Update-1 (extract all to WarCraft folder after Full game installed) How to install [STEP by STEP] : 0. Pre-Install (protect FATAL ERROR) > run WarCraft game > "OPTIONS" menu VIDEO options - check "MODEL DETAIL=HIGH" - check "TEXTURE QUALITY=HIGH" - scroll GAMMA (brightness in game) to center scroll for best graphic in DOTA-HQ SOUNDS options - Uncheck "3D POSITINAL AUDIO" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. backup (move or rename) "War3x.mpq" , "War3Patch.mpq" , "War3xlocal.mpq" files in your Warcraft III into seperate folder 2. Download DOTA-HQ Main file ,then extract file including "War3x.mpq" , "War3Patch.mpq" , "War3xlocal.mpq" into your Warcraft III. (overwrite all) 3. run file "Double click&run this file for Install DOTA-HQv6.reg" 4. Play DOTA-HQ by using my lastest update provided map.(Dota 6.83d) - If fatal error when starting game in WarCraft III run program "Warcraft III Advanced Settings.exe" >>> change [Model Detail=HIGH , Texture Quality=HIGH] then OK ,and check my instruction since first step. - If fatal error when playing game in WarCraft III - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 = Best choice for DOTA-HQ got better playable if you installed this on your computer (someone got problem because not have this) << for 32bit << for 64bit .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or above version ©©©©©©©©