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  1. LastReplay.w3gHighlights timeframes: 41:00 onwards Case summary Overall score: 20-1 Invoker, Sand King, Naix and Magina Versus Ursa NA Weaver and Wind Invoker used his fireballs while sand king used this ulti to kill weaver(agies holder) na and wind, soon my allies all have died and they began to attack me, naix(deso), magina (with manta) and invoker fire guard has decreased my armour, but even though they still cannot kill me cause I have full set items (miss+lifesteal) Item ursa (full-set at 41;00 minutes) : 1x Butterfly 1x Phase boots 1x Vladimir offering 1x Assault 1x Abbsyal Blade (bash) 1x Dagger Replay link summarize: Replay download :LastReplay.w3g
  2. Display name: Lamy2000 Reported Name: kandambi Timestamps: 5-10 minutes spoilling intervals, he spoil whole game like sending free kills, and control chick for enemykills Replay: Reason: spoiler
  3. Display name: Lamy2000 Reported Name: hades_ac unxaidhampey Room: Asia(Public) Timestamps: 28:15 09:45 Replay: Reason: Leaver
  4. I was banned for reason not welcome to RGC, it's client ban, may I know the details for this, I don't use any hacks or selling illegals RGC or perform any wrongdoings RGC since have been idle for almost 2 weeks. Please ratify my unban request, please I was banned by Global Moderator Cedric, and couldn't find the links of posts which I was banned for
  5. My id is Lamy2000 I just login to the client it showed I was computer ban with reason not welcome to RGC,I don't use any hacks or selling illegal RGDS, please unban me asap
  6. Room: Aisa Public Displayed name: Lamy2000 Reported name: war3.exe.error Timestamps: 19:39 booted Replay: Reason leaver
  7. I relog forum and RGC, it does not chagnes, my image extension is .jpg so I guess I have followed the step correcdtly
  8. The Diamond Member image does not show properly on Google chrome, it's plain white transparent box
  9. and stop call us uninstall and reinstall the new warcraft version, it does not working, the problem come from map itself/
  10. Unable to change the profile picture in RGC, it will not update in the dashboard and forum
  11. Room: Aisa Public Displayed name: Lamy2000 Reported name: pogi_123@ Zia! KingBadyaw Timestamps: 04:26 05:43 20:17 Replay: Reason leaver
  12. Does it work on the new map? I have to restart my warcraft every time once I finished a game. for 6.88u
  13. Currently favorite: Dusk till dawn Wildest dream
  14. I always tend to choice new maps even it's sucks because I don't want play same map for 10 years. Just need take times to adapt to the map