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  1. invoker.amk this guy wants to use his chance for unban Good luck
  2. age ina insult admin nist chie pas ?
  3. there is more : good luck Closed!
  4. 08:22 #nephalem kiri hal nemikonam bat kiri = insult Denied! ( wasnt your first time ) good luck closed!
  5. 08:22 #nephalem kiri hal nemikonam bat and : 07:20 #nephalem u are a mother fucker idiot good luck! ( and remember , first time i forgave u )
  6. Might be u call me CrazY but i WAnt to Know AM i The onLy Person That loves Rock progressive and alternative too much ? ? ? i mean the bands like : antimatter & Anathema R Amazing and when i checked some of the antimatter music Videos on youtube I noticed that Only 70k users in the best situation listens to this Band so i want u guys to listen to one OF the SongS Of this great band ( antimatter ) like : 1_Fighting for a lost couse 2_ Stillborn empires 3_ Blaced eyed man .. etc and tell me your Opinion ,, You wont regret listening to antimatter ,, GooD lucK !
  7. I was just checking the forum for interesting topics when i saw this ( Introduce Yourself ) it was Kind a UnexpecteD from out side then when i clicked to see ppls posts and ThaTs when i find out there is no post in this topic that is even a little related to introducing .... so let me Introduce my self : IM a guy who thinks u should change the topic =))) Couse no 1 Cares as i see GOod luck GoOd client!
  8. Denied! good luck closed!
  9. Denied! good luck closed
  10. Denied good luck closed
  11. Agreed good luck closed!
  12. slm gharar bood ba acc dge biam pm bedam mano unban konid

    1. Qanary


      unban shodin shoma aziz 

  13. ID :hero_nu1 link : signature : (ITs ok IF u FAll but if u dont get up ull Die there ) closed
  14. banned id : N2tIOn reason : advertise reason for unban : "ghasde tabligh nadashte, dashte maskhare mikarde oona ro, sooe tafahom shode" the screen that used for prove of ban :
  15. اکانت من : alibozorg4...king leoric

    اکانت متخلف : mhrwbm77...Necrolyte

    دلیل برای بن : fahashi

    روم : iran






    1. Qanary


      dooste aziz inja be darkhaste ban residegi nemishe ke to qesmate ban request darkhast bedin

      link :