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  1. 1)Predecessor2) <<>__<>>3),5) This guy played whole game single player, when we pushes he avoided that line and so on, The biggest thing here : 60:45 he single player pushed alone up - while we lost 2x rax in defense, and we asked him several times to come play with us, he just refused to play team, and dont fucking tell me this isnt game ruining, dota is everything about team and nothing about singleplayer, i just fucking lost a won game becasue of hes arrogant single player, and dont tell me hes a fucking noob, a noob is a beginner, not a cunt who knows how to play but refuses to do so! Fuck your erxcuses of "hes a noob" we wont ban becasue hes a noob! Thats so pethetic, and makes this server attaly shit when thes bitches know they wont get ban and play like shits they are, not becasue theyr noobs but because they are getting away with this EVERY FUCKING TIME I POST THIS, the fuck should i post if you dnt ban REAL GAME RUINERS. If you dont ban him, youll making the server fucking worse like everythime you deny a ban req from me.
  2. Its not low skilled byut intention game ruining you fag.
  3. 1)Predecessor2) <<>__<>>3),5) Played whoe ltime anti teamplay single player - heres examples 40~44 min refusing to defend mid rax, refusing to def at al, mmoving at fountain 32 minute , i came help to fight when he got chased, and he just went back with full hp, and dint not engage fighting wioth them, in this style he played whole game - game ruining by refusing to teamplay
  4. 1)Predecessor2) _D00M_3),5) 23:00 minute replay time used force staff to push me out of of tower but other team didnt get me 20 ~26 min refusing to play at fountain (26 because i ff last and he ruined the game)
  5. At start till 15 minute was the standart, its all time, cme mid and did nothing bout to trying to deny creeps so i dont get anything. that behavior is unaccaptable!
  6. 1)chenzhen862) xKIDPOKERx #NaZzzo3),5) xKIDPOKERx #NaZzzo 33~38 min refusing to play at fountain (2 v 5 lost all rax and the game at that 5 minutes) xKIDPOKERx = sold hes items and bought dagger (item destrioy) xKIDPOKERx - at about 20 min puted truesight wards at our woods, so the natural creeps wont spawn
  7. 1)Act.of.War2) REZA77.3),5)Intentionaly camed mid despite i was mid allready and played the whole game so that i couldt farm or teamplay , and when i hited 3x arrow on mid he wasnt engaging to fight, he played totaly game ruining, this is not excuseable by beeing noob" if your noob your not allowed to come and fuckup other games on purpuse like he did mine, he deservs ban!
  8. BTW, he was 1486 so we coldnt kick at lobby, after i cant see hes stats or kick him if he do, so only option is nothing but to watch, so you should ban him to make him understand that this is not right.
  9. 1)Act.of.War2) WeRtU.1233),5)Refused to ff, after he feeded mid , one player left because of that amd 1 was techies, so we where 2 v 5 feeded late. He eaven refused after they got 2 devines, was totally unbalanced and impossible to do anything but to die and suffer, and it wasnt my foult, maybe hes a noob and i know you dont ban noobs, but he ruined the game, he went mid and feeeded and i was powerless to stop him, as i am if he dont call ff all i can do is fucking w8, afk or suffer.
  10. 1)Act.of.War2)3) intention feeded and quited (plavi_jadran) and after, Panda (M@r3k) destroyed own items 5) At start necro couldt talk out with blood whos mid, and he did intention feed, and left, after Panda destroyed own items.
  11. 1)Act.of.War2)^^NaViReCoRs^^3) start, came mid and fucked middle players game 5) Came mid, fucked xp and farm for mid player and died feeding other teams mid player, left , and after was a 3 lvl differance mid players and pudge got feeded after and won the game, all because of this guy.
  12. 1)Act.of.War2)Spinut3) of Appeal : refusing to play 45 ~50 5) 45~50 min (end of game)
  13. 1)Dvaka2)sturdo3) of Appeal : intentional feed mid player by ciming anf feeding him 5) 06:08 replay time , alchemist came back mid and went like farming and then just went feeding, he didnt run to our tower but theyrs, witch resulted the mid player to get fed, not to mention this asshole came mid at start before and tried ruin the middle players farm and xp.
  14. 1)Dvaka2)Stealing and selling leavers items3) of Appeal :Stealing and selling leavers items 5) 13:40 tiny left and lele_gaga shithead stoled items sold them for regen shit and ruined the fucking game.
  15. When i start the game, it asks me to chose wether im gona run it on 8.1 directx 9 or opengl, (recomended is 9) so when i pres on 9 it allways crashes. i use 8.1 but it lags. what otions are there?