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  1. Xerni, I think you should read the changelog notes. In 6.88 patch, magnetic field got a modification. Now if you want a 100% evasion, your enemy should be out of the field. If he joins the field, he cannot miss, so magnetic field is now a skill that should be placed carefully
  2. Leshrac Aghs upgrade bug Hello @DracoL1ch, in this last patch I've seen a lot of leshrac players rushing lothar + scepter build as soon as possible even without any source of mana regen (a few of them atleast have arcane boots) which is really strange for me. Then I noticed that lesh's pulse nova with agh upgrade consumes 0 mana while activated (you can see by clicking leshrac that he doesn't consume mana even without any source of mana regen), allowing players to abuse this and make a pulse nova + lothar combo, running to the enemies while they re invisible and hitting tons of dmg without being afraid of mana. Sorry for my bad english but I try to report this because I think is a disadvantage to all players when you see a min 10 leshrac with brown boots and aghs abusing with his 0 mana pulse nova.
  3. Hello, dear RGC Staff. In the last previous patch (before this 6.88w3) I played techies a lot, and everytime I picked him I had the option to hide his mines with the special flag that aghs upgrade provides to him, since min 1. I don't know if this bug have been already fixed, but I didn't see any other post about it.
  4. Hello Rgc admins, my name is Dennys and my account is Sha[o]-Denku. I don't know how to describe this rare bug that happened when I was playing a -sd match in the room "Perú gaming" I started to play picking zeus, and I wanted to support. So, I went to middle in order to ward, but when I was trying to ward the enemy's highground, my hero suddenly dissapeared from my map. It was something like how the map is showed when you are a spectator from the enemy team (FoG). I couldnt select my hero even when I saw my hero's icon on the top of the screen shinning, showing that ur hero is alive. F1 and click over the icon didnt work. Then, my hero appeared in the middle of the map and I though "well, I think this bug was temporal, and it's already fixed", so I went to mid in order to farm. When I was trying to hit a creep, my AA just missed when I was on highground. Then, I saw that EVERY UNIT on the map was missing his autoattacks, heroes and creeps. That was just rare. Then, I saw that my team didnt even mention that bug, so I figured it happened to me. I confirmed it when I saw them blaming me because "i was feeding the enemy sniper" when I couldnt even push a single lane cuz my hero's aa missed all the creeps I attacked. I finally quited because there was no reason to still playing when I cant even farm or push propperly (I could only push with spells, from my perspective), my replay showed me that I died several times, and that wasnt my fault. Idk what happened and what could I do to fix it. Here is my replay where I died for no reason when I was bugged: And here is the only proof I took to argue that I was bugged. Look all the missed hits from creeps, and the amount of them at that minute. That's a strong proof that my game was bugged. Note: I have lv 7 cuz i was getting creeps by using my Q to farm, but if you see the replay, it never happened, only to me, and my creeps are low of hp because from my game, I saw sniper's shrapnel hitting them: