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  1. Well, make your own world. >.<
  2. Alliance <3
  3. Team Name: AlmightyTeam Captain: `renzy-|Team Members:1. HPi72. mr.hardcarry3. cer.james.wxc4. SkiverReserves:1. -|Brian2. xCee
  4. @.@
  5. Please make an section for Crazimals in RPG Section.
  6. Credits to TopRanked😂
  7. 😁
  8. It would be more fun if RGC add games like Counter Strike. ❤ Can someone notice my request. 😁😄
  9. Nice one bro. <3
  10. .sg
  11. ░▒▓ A new opened RPG room for RPG lovers . /j Crazimals we will be having loads of Events and tournament soon. Autojoin our room to stay updated for events and tournaments. ▓▒░
  12. IGN: ๖Blade Country: Philippines Multi-account user. Experienced Staff from Gigabyte Player Since 2012 Role: Semi-Carry/ Off laner/ Support Shoutout to my old rgc friends. Special Mention: Sky, Deelps, Kamui, Ryaaten, Gelz, Abo.Senpai. Spececially to Natsu(Seijuro) and Gray (Daiki)