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  1. Shimi Gaming League Christmas Tournament 2017 Brackets / Fixture : Tournament Information : Replays : Anonymous vs Virtuspro Win anonymous vs digital chaos Win Karne vs Masnaki Win karne DK vs Mastermind Win DK Advance VS Boy Tikol Win Boy Tikol Ams vs Berserk t Win Ams Eu.pubers vs Myth Win Eu.pubers Team GG vs Revolution Win Revolution Wisines on Fire vs Slayers Win Wisines Elite Warior vs Devil Warriors Elite Warior Win Metanoia vs BOY TIKOL Win BOY TIKOL Shimi Team vs OLDF Win Shimi Team TDK_Shimi vs IsBack Win TDK_Shimi Almighty vs EG Win Almighty GWAPO vs Anonymous Win Anonymous xD.Wow?Fly vs Elite Warriors Win xD.Wow?Fly Benito Camela Tripa (BCT) vs Karne Win Karne EU Pubbers vs WiSiNeS ON FiRE Win EU Pubbers SPIRIT vs TDK_Shimi Win TDK_Shimi xD.Wow?Fly vs Mn-. Win xD.Wow?Fly Anonymous vs Nameless Win Anonymous BOY TIKOL vs Amsterdam Win BOY TIKOL HDP vs Feel- Win HDP TDK_Shimi VS Karne Win TDK_Shimi HDP Style vs bernitas Win HDP Style Anonymous vs BOY TIKOL Win Anonymous xD.Wow?Fly vs EU Pubbers Win xD.Wow?Fly TDK_Shimi vs ALmightYBhr5 Win TDK_Shimi HDP Style vs Shimi.Team Win HDP Style Anonymous vs TDK_shimi Win Anonymous xD.Wow?Fly vs HDP Style Win xD.Wow?Fly Bronze Match: HDP Style vs TDK_Shimi Win TDK_Shimi Final 1: Anonymous vs xD.Wow?Fly Win Anonymous Final 3: xD.Wow?Fly vs Anonymous Win Anonymous RGC Events Team : Lupin
  2. Poser. Huehuehue. Joke. ^^

  3. SoweZ has been unbanned by Lupin. next offense you'll wont get any chance. kindly always follow the channel rules.
  4. RGC Europe 5v5 Dota Tournament Brackets / Fixture : Tournament Information : Replays : Match #5 FuShI[o]N vs Winter = Winter Match #13 Rivan vs PooP = PooP Match #14 పIsBaCk-| vs Tomatitos = Tomatitos Match #15 xd_deead_lord.. vs = Match #18 GOT vs Life = Life Match #19 SpeeD GaminG vs Levanta Colegialas = Levanta Colegialas Match #21 Fire spirits vs Winter = Winter Match #22 Random vs SATANIK = SATANIK Match #27 Levanta Colegialas vs xD.Wow?Fly = xD.Wow?Fly Match #28 Secret Family vs Poop = Poop Match #29 Tomatitos on fire vs Winter = Winter Match #30 SGL.Team vs SATANIK = SATANIK Match #32 ywc vs 111 = 111 Match #33 Life.Friends vs xD.Wow?Fly = xD.Wow?Fly Match #34 Winter vs PooP = PooP Match #35 SATANIK vs Nydus League = Nydus League Semifinal: Match #36 111 vs xD.Wow?Fly = xD.Wow?Fly Match #37 Poop vs Nydus League = Poop Bronze Match: 111 vs NL = = Nydus League Final: xD.Wow?Fly vs Poop Bo1 = Winner Poop Bo2 = Winner xD.Wow?Fly Bo3 = Winner Poop RGC Events Team : Lupin
  5. If this is you, please start to fill the application and provide true information where possible Application Form Your RGC display name: Lupin How can you contribute to SGL: organizing feeding program Why should we select you: u have no choice Additional Information Your name (not obligatory): junjun dimautangan Age: 16 ( honest answer ) Country : New York ( Cubao ) Languages you speak : czech , burmese , igbo Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: i dont have scale How often active are you: atm Where do you play (cafe, home, office): NPA
  6. Mortred kill medusa > Trax > Slark > Gondar solo clashing gets Ultrakill. Replay : Time: Game Time 29 - 30 Mins | 30 - 32 Mins Replay Time
  7. Rgc Eu Dota Tournament III will be moved to : October 21, 2017 Saturday - RGC Events Team
  8. Our apologies for the inconvinience Reported action of Staffs will be investigated. Thank you for reporting -SGL.STAFF
  9. SuperCreeper is now timebanned from this channel until 19:41 on 04/10/2017 Thankyour for reporting.
  10. Registration Closed. On-Spot registration will proceed /w Lupin
  11. "SGL September Madness" Announcement : 3rd Weekly Schedule will be Move to Friday, September 29 ,2017 .SG HostBot / Time 11:00 RMT Server Time ➪ Room : /j SGL ➪ Mode : 5v5 captains mode ( cmzm ) ➪ Format : Single Elimination ( Best of 3 in Finals ) ➪ Map : DotA v6.85k Allstars RGC.w3x ( can be change to DotA Allstars 6.88 if map globally updated } ➪ Slots : Unli slots / minimum of 30 Teams ( 30 teams required minimum hence the tour will be reschedule ) Note : In following weeks Winning Team on every Wednesday is obligated to defend its title for the Patron Rank ► Rewards : ✯ 1st Place will get 500 RGDS + Patron Rank in SGL ✯ 2nd Place will get 300 RGDS + Room Champion Rank ✯ 3rd Place will get 200 RGDS ► Item Restrictions : NONE ► General Rules / Tournament rules : ● Maintain good manners. ● Any kind of bug abuse is NOT allowed. ● Improper behavior towards tournament organizers/admins can lead to instant disqualification. ● Disqualification starts 20 mins after mentioned tournament time start. ● Disconnects: De-synch will not be Entertained. The game will continue whatsoever may be the case ● Incessant pausing is not allowed after the game is drafted. Exception can only be made for emergencies. ● reserve members can play anytime as long as they are registered. ● Failure to comply to the rules will result in DISQUALIFICATION. No excuses will be accepted. ● Make sure you fix your Computer/internet connections/accessories. No excuses will be accepted. ● Setting !latency is NOT ALLOWED ● !RMK after 1st BLOOD is prohibited ● Account having less than 50 games is not allowed as well ► Registration Format : - Team Name : - Team Captain : - Team Members : - Reserves : ( 2 reserves only / max of 7 members for each team ) Tournament Brought to you by: Ranked Gaming Client Sponsered by: Shimi[TH] Managed by : Shimi.Team & SGL.Staffs Good Luck , Win or lose Play Fairly.
  12. NIÑO RATA ~RoberT| are now timeban in channel thankyou for reporting.
  13. Kadiritodie has been unbanned by Lupin. sorry for the unjustified banned. i will talk to my staffs about this matter. thank you for reporting. -SGL.TEAM
  14. investigation will proceed on this matter. thank you for reporting
  15. KingWol is now timebanned from this channel until 16:19 on 20/09/2017 Thankyou for reporting