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  1. Hello if you couldn't to fix it read this too : finally if you won't be able to fix it type in rgc /j Support !
  2. BUG

    wrong section dude ● Denuncias Bolivia ► http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/279-antigamersgameruiners/ send your ban requests there !
  3. that depends in your IOS , that is Windows xp and i don't know anyway to define those styles in your windows ! wait for someone else idea !
  4. Hi , are you sure you enter the correct username and password or someone else didn't changed them ? be careful about language input , it must be english in normal mode ( anything you entered the password with it )
  5. that's iran provider , be patient this problems will solve automatically , just wait !
  6. Hi , restart your router to fix it !
  7. well , i'm glad , good luck bro , perhaps you got that bug from platfrom , some people got it and it's fixed by development team ! Best regards <3
  8. yeah , but it's good trial what medivh said , his solutions are cool and perhaps will help you , i hope so see him in support , anyway you should send log to sir roger and he will answer you! best regards , good luck
  9. Hi , Can you speak english ? in wich account are you banned? To view this person's ban history: www.rankedgaming.com/admin/commands/banhistory/bans.php?m=2&var=242417953 No client bans found This user has never been banned from the platform.
  10. if you can state how can i help you , cuz i don't know your language ! if there is a way to help you i will do it !
  11. Hello , @Jackpro555 has one ! i will ask him to send it for you here ! anyway i pocked him here ! wait for him .
  12. @Cedric
  13. @Cedric
  14. @Cedric
  15. @Cedric