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  1. Wrong Section. send it here and your topic's format has to follow this format ● Ban Request (EU) Public Spoiler / Gameruiner ► http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/48-report
  2. Already Accepted. Moved & Closed.
  3. Accepted ! wlc
  4. already banned. Closed!
  5. closed.
  6. Sometime it doesn't work , if forum gets that problem again and someone change his/her password in client , it won't change in board/login too and many people were not able to login with old password and when i asked them try old passwords that worked , also now when someone changed name in client like a swap from one account to another , he/she has to login in form with both to fix (change) name in board too , but they getting email error in one of them and it's a big problem , when they want to login with current name that is display name in client , i hope so you understand me for example my name is spy and i have another account with Amir.Spy , when i change name in amir.spy and change my current acc in spy , i have to login with both normally and in normal mode it doesn't work ( email error ) you changed email .......
  7. You're Welcome Dear , Enjoy Gaming , if you got anymore problem state it in support room => /j Support Fixed!
  8. , @dinodude Is it okay ? fixed ?
  9. that's great
  10. In panel the time isn't your local time it's server time and different now you are unbanned and don't have any active timeban in your system ! enjoy gaming it's good to know your ip isn't in iran so auto join isn't enable as ip a.j and you have to join manually for this type /j iran
  11. so are you sure you download the map correctly ? it must be in Warcraft/Maps/Download e.g. Warcraft/Maps/Download/DotA Allstars 6.88w3.w3x . it must name must be DotA Allstars 6.88w3.w3x ( Exactly ) any extra number such as (1) , (2) will make a mistake for more info whisper me or join support room LATEST MAP DOWNLOAD Version 6.88W3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/21kzxslsb4vluik/DotA+Allstars+6.88w3.w3x Newest LoD MaP: http://d1stats.ru/files/LoD/DotA%20LoD%206.85p4.w3x
  12. already fixed
  13. already fixed
  14. For help better plz type /join Support in rgc and state your problem there