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  1. Hello , it's good that every body must has his own account ! ( one person , one account) and you are banned by @Cedric , you have to talk with him , good luck
  2. you deserve it ! take care and stop spam in forum !
  3. you're welcome
  4. [23:51] Eᴠents|AmirQ: !banhistory ShaRBaTi To view this person's timeban history: To view this person's ban history: first check your ban history then protest a senior staff . you are banned from 3 channel now for insulting and spamming reasons (the same reason !) go expire your ban , you deserve it!
  5. Hello , nop it's impossible when that nickname is taken ! unless you contact sir.Roger to give it!
  6. it's global problem , soon it will be fixed, get lose please , don't flame rgc staffs
  7. [11:53] Eᴠents|AmirQ: !vouch #Điš¤Lôv£ trial #Điš¤Lôv£ is now vouched in this channel. [11:53] Eᴠents|AmirQ: !setaccess #Điš¤Lôv£ 10 Good Luck! 2day trial !
  8. i tell you some tricks 1- redownload map ( delete current map and download again and put in maps/download) 2- redownload directX from this link : just when you want download it , set like this screen ↓ 3-then install it and if your problem won't fixed try to redownload warcraft : ● WC3 Full Version ►
  9. you're welcome
  10. latest patched rgc
  11. Hello , delete w3lh.dll in your war3 folder and go Menu=>Setting=>Dota set No ASk again in OFF( there must be the address of war3.exe) and save it! try to launch warcraft. if you got anymore error report it here or contact me in RGC !