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  1. !denied Two players voted for a remake so they type !votermk and the host decided to remake the game by using the command !rmk so it's counted as third vote.
  2. mogumogu100 has been unbanned by Emisary. last chance !granted
  3. Please upload new map... here's the link >> http://www.twrpg.com/forums/download/file.php?id=13061 .. thank you
  4. !granted NamoKaBal is now timebanned from this channel until 15:13 on 12/10/2017
  5. chance already given !denied
  6. You are mark as leaver in the game even though they didn't unlock it, still you have to play the game and end it. Leaving the game is not a good reason. Also chance is already given so can't unban you.
  7. !granted SACAPUTAS-2.0 is now timebanned from this channel until 04:39 on 07/10/2017
  8. Team Name: Chaos Elite Captain: *d^_-b* Members: points-pj | `Kwiiing! | Emisary | kiba04 Reserves: `Naughty|smile
  9. RGC IGN: Emisary— Replay: http://www.lodasiareplayparser.com/cojack.php?id=526784_1501605140 Country: Philippines Timestamps (Ingame Time) : 34 mins What did you do?: Rampage like nobody does
  10. ➪ Your RGC IGN: Emisary— ➪ Your name , age & gender: Mark Glenn, 25, Male ➪ Your country of location: Philippines ➪ Your online RMT time: From RMT 12:00 to 18:00 ➪ Rate your English from 1-10: 9 ➪ Introduce yourself to us: I am a player you can ask if you want help ➪ Share some experience as a staff (if any): None ➪ What would you do under these circumstances: 1. A player calls you noob in a LoD Game - I will just ignore him and just play the game 2. A player calls you noob in LoD Asia chat lobby - I will observe him at first and when he try to call me noob again, that's the time that I will give him warning because it's disrespecting staff. 3. You have a problem with LoD Asia Channel Manager - I will talk to him in a nice way and state my problem.
  11. Is RGC server down? I can't log in.
  12. Hi! I'm Mark Glenn and Emisary (IGN) of LoD Asia. I use to play Normal pub games on (Asia) Public and as I am in the lobby, I saw this announcement about LoD Asia room then i started to join the said room and now, I'm officially addict on playing LoD game. HAHAHA. Hi to my friends: Cojack, -Leo--, [M]v[Z], Miakhalifa07, Engr. Sai and many more... HAHAHAHAHA