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  1. Read at the bottom: "Do not use TC commands in any games other than your hosted game.(These rules are not applicable for Paid Global Level 1500 and above)"
  2. Gamelogs should always be visible for numerous reasons, and as far as i think you cannot just remove gamelog of one person, there are other 9 players who were involved in the game, i don`t see this happening. The rest is all up to developers, how hard would it be to make that happen , do they have time, etc.. etc...
  3. Am just sayin` ,, Staff won`t help you just like that, either you or your friend go on PM and try to explain to some global staff [Hakka] problem, but the policy till few days ago was "No help for people who click "free rgds" links" , so... don`t get your hopes up : )
  4. Well i do not know what exactly happend to that account , but i am pretty sure user got "Phished" , since you said he lost his acc to [Thief] , For someone to breach RGC's security and target one specific account is very very very hard, i doubt your friend is that special so someone would target him, 99% chance he clicked on "free rgds" link , Just create new account, why make so much fuss about it, : )
  5. Press [Menu] then choose [Rooms] from listen options, and pick room which you want to join. Looks like this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you found what you`re looking for : )
  6. RGC staff does not help people who try to gain access/VCurrency(or anything) due to phishing or any other kind of `hacks`.
  7. i think you need some sort of MPQ editor, [which you can download online] and extract specific files , just find right path [dota/sounds/rampage.wav] iam just guessing now, , google and download mpq editor and tinker around a bit, am sure you'll find what you are looking for. : )
  8. You should have "Options" button right to "Quote" button press that and press "Hide" it works for post, dunno does it work for whole thread,
  9. It's not in alphabetical order but i think it's in chronological order, which is much better, in my opinion, they just need to reverse things, to see latest unvouch/vouch on first page rather than on last page.
  10. you won't be unbanned :)) Nice try tho, even if you are the one who you say you are; cause ban system works like this :"Lifts a computer ban, on the computer a user was last logged in from" . Which means you either provide username that got banned in the first place or stay banned, .. i think charbel can remove the ban, but i don't think he will trust blindly like this and remove it,, somehow provide proof you just bought that computer and maybe he'll help :))
  11. Here are you rights; Have a nice day.
  12. To be honest, signed games are cancerous but hosted games even more cause host stacks himself and places 5 tards down for easy points, only way to play good games is to play eu public more and more and more till you get good stats on your account, about 2k-2,5k pts so you can enter hosted games(host wont let you play unless he knows you or you have good stats on your account) and pray that host doesn't have brain cancer and gives slot to normal people instead of plebs, and try to /w Tricks-r inside client and ask him for vouch in (Eu) higher channel, it`s not active, but it has games, try to bring your friends and there are lots of Tours , apply for one, if you win your team will get good publicity and you will be welcomed in "normal" games :)) GL&HF
  13. On je srbin tutkume jedan, samo što je se sjebalo nešto u flag systemu i ne mjenja se zastava nikako, Šuti kad ne znaš o čem' pričaš;
  14. no you cannot get anymore channel vips. sry.
  15. TV-Shows is broad term, which is used same as "TV Series" (same meaning) nevertheless , would be nice if we had those (TV shows a.k.a Tv Series and Movies ) . Hope it gets re-opened.