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  1. My RGC name: RedReddington Reported player: ChildMolester. Violation: !kick 12 Proofs: Doja ga valjda ubio, bez foga sta li vec (nisam bio tu isao sam po sladoled) i lik pita ,
  2. that was only my opinion @teamOFIDIOTS is the guy who needs to answer that,
  3. i think Since it shows "Restricted Access" Error i don`t think that was intended for `normal` users at all,
  4. For gaming, this is da sheet!!
  5. Suck my ding ding dong                                                              



  6. The Reported Username: Hикола Your IGN: RedReddington Room : Serbia Reason : hardcore flame Proof and Timestamps : Posto je ovo bio i staff abuse i report za ban, vidim da je staff smaknut, zelim da se ovaj doticni s cirilicom (Nikola) bana iz rooma, baš je ružno vidit kako ovako neko flamea, hvala,
  7. You were timebanned from (Eu) Public channel by @Casper for beign AFK , since it`s your first ban i think they might give you another chance, just follow the right format:
  8. @Hakka @NoliMits @Cedric Please review report , 10x
  9. [ERROR] The specified username doesn't exist. They were busy probably, if you can't remember previous accounts your only options are contact or contact them from the client /w Charbel /w Hakka untill they reply.
  10. You logged from your friends computer and active ban on your computer stayed on your computer, now you need to provide any other account you might have used before ban, so staff can determine why and by who you were banned, either that or go to your friends again log in and try to contact hakka or charbel and ask them nicely if they can see previous machines from which you logged in from, ( i think they can do that) and they will see ban on that machine and they will say do you deserve to be unbanned or not. Gl.
  11. It`s not emotes, it`s emojis you uneducated pleb..
  12. My IGN: RedReddington Reported user: divokozac / Hикола Proofs: So the story begins with "Hикола" as HeadAdmin of Serbia, who banned me for 55 years in serbia room and i reported it here then we resolved it and i got unban and after that "Hикола" got unvouched coz as he said this is "bullshit platform" (you can see that in his vouchhistory (serbia.staff room) ) then i was free to play in serbia room, but problems didn't end there, every few days "Hикола" comes and hard flames me and my family but none of them (staff) wont take actions , refusing to do anything as shown in these screenshots - - [01:01:28] nothing, i am fucking your mother hard! - - [01:02:07] divokozac dude is flaming me and you are not doing anything [01:02:18] whos he flaming? who are you? - - i am telling him here that i am user too and he has to do something [01:03:03] you know you are not privileged here as player - [01:03:33] divokozac you really wont do anything? [01:03:48] ofc i wont (he typed ne cu (which is gramatically incorrect so i had to correct him which i did then he kicks me! with reason "dont correct admin!" - i ask him why he kicks me why not him [01:05:24] i cannot kick people like i can kick you, every hates you ,,|| then i tell him [01:06:02] if you dont do something i'll report you ,, | then he says "go report" - [01:08:55] i ask him isnt this enough for 1d ban? ||| [01:09:11] don't think so, considered that he is privileged in this room (just in case you are thinking why i am not translating what Hикола is saying between lines , basically he is constantly flaming me ) [01:09:35] once i saw them flaming you, then i stopped caring and just let them || now see this [01:10:05] i will call you when i get to siroki (my town) and i'll bring doja (guy from rgc lives in town next to me) from mostar ... Clear threat - [01:10:26] i am asking him why is he threatening me again he says "i am not threatening i'll just call you when i come to your town and that will be soon!" to make this thread a bit shorter i wont post another 5-6 ss's from tonight coz i am tired and i am sure this is enough to do something , and incase you're wondering why i didn't post this in serbia abuse forum, the answer is : few days ago he "Hикола" flamed me constantly and dembe told me clearly that he wont do nothing cause it is allowed for him (Hикола) to flame,.



  14. My RGC name: RedReddington Reported player: El_peluquero Replay: timestamp: 25ish till the end of the game afk refused to play, selling his items buying wards and placing them in our base.