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  1. Autism? Correct! If you really want to help; then ask your supervisors for access to clean up forum, section by section, like OP requested, which should be great, for appearance at least.
  2. Did you get unban? Answer; NO
  3. My IGN: Red`Reddington Reported player: CiganiLud4ci Proof:[GID 3155441] Reason: kikao me iz obsa jer sam napisao NAKON! sto je crko, a es(planko) ostao s 10 hp,
  4. Nije važno kako si se ponašao u zadnjih 1-2-3 mjeseca otkad imaš rank admina,,? To sto je ovaj djole(nevidjeni retard i govedo najvece,(al' to nije tema)) banao nekog u drugoj sobi zasluzuje ban u srbij? al to sto si se ti ponašao gore od njega i od svih nas skupa koji smo spamali i flejmali 4puta gore i TO U SOBI KOJOJ SI SADA STAFF to je nebitno? ehh, ne može to tako; msm meni ne smeta to što si staff, baš naprotiv, al' nemoš se tako ponašat : )
  5. i agree with @PastMistake Finally someone speaking some sense, he should be promoted to web developer position, he would do so many great things, unlike his predecessor; fucker who wasted everyones precious time. ALL HAIL @PastMistake !!1!
  6. Well, as some of you might already know, RGC had some issue with lag for past few days and no one (Admins) gave any statement of RGC beign down, either they got knocked out by attackers or they are doing something urgent on servers(fixing/updating). i know it will look like this when you leave your room: But it does get better.
  7. We`ve come to an end.
  8. My IGN: Red`Reddington Reporting: TheJovcha Proof: Reason: AFK, cca. 25min-34min palo na 3-4 twra nije htio deff, a bio je alch, glavni igrac, farmao 25 min da bii odabrao afk
  9. As a matter a fact, there is command already; it`s: !ff If you type !ff and you wannna revoke your command, you simpy type !ff again, but there has to be a specific(or larger) time interval between !FF (to forfeit) and !FF ( to revoke your forfeit command) maybe few minutes, 2-3-4 , am not quite sure,
  10. My IGN: Rick&Morty` Reporting: dotalism_theART Proof: prije nego što je "Livao" prodao/uništio je iteme, znaci pocelo ga je dropat i da vidim ja scoreboard, on nema ni jednog itema i samo 200 golda, a odjednom "dropa" iz gejma.
  11. Read at the bottom: "Do not use TC commands in any games other than your hosted game.(These rules are not applicable for Paid Global Level 1500 and above)"
  12. Gamelogs should always be visible for numerous reasons, and as far as i think you cannot just remove gamelog of one person, there are other 9 players who were involved in the game, i don`t see this happening. The rest is all up to developers, how hard would it be to make that happen , do they have time, etc.. etc...
  13. Am just sayin` ,, Staff won`t help you just like that, either you or your friend go on PM and try to explain to some global staff [Hakka] problem, but the policy till few days ago was "No help for people who click "free rgds" links" , so... don`t get your hopes up : )
  14. Well i do not know what exactly happend to that account , but i am pretty sure user got "Phished" , since you said he lost his acc to [Thief] , For someone to breach RGC's security and target one specific account is very very very hard, i doubt your friend is that special so someone would target him, 99% chance he clicked on "free rgds" link , Just create new account, why make so much fuss about it, : )