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  1. Hi @Jackpro555. Thanks for sharing. I understand you're using this tool only for the action log window. I was hoping to see the rest of the data like item/skill build, gold/exp chart which made this program popular back in the old days. I wish I knew how to open the code and see what it'd take to update it. Thank you for keeping the d1 community up!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll be waiting
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if my first post is going to get responded. So please check it out and see if you can help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Where can I find the Dota Replay Manager updated for the latest RGC maps? The one I used (http://rivsoft.narod.ru/dotareplay.html) has been discontinued as most of our fellows migrated to Dota 2 -- it works fine for old map replays. I get nothing but the chat log from newer replays. I ask this because some Room Staff guys are using some updated version where they can detect the AFK time. Take this example below: Thank you.
  5. OS: Windows 10. Room: America/Regional/Bolivia Since last Friday 12-Jan my connection to RGC has a huge latency. My ping used to be ~70/80 ms in Bolivia's room, now it is above 200ms. Almost unplayable. My connection to the chatserver lasts ~1 minute. I need to keep writing or signing so it doesn't disconnect. RGC and WC3 feel slow as if the room was clogged with users (and it is not). *Contacted my ISP-everything is fine. Speed test, web browsing, torrenting is OK. *Haven't heard of any other user in the room having the same experience. *Tried wireless and cable. No luck. *Totally SURE there isn't any other device on my network. *Tried a few tweaks in regedit like tcpnodelay and tcpackfrequency. No luck. *Firewall and antivirus totally OFF. *Tried reinstalling RGC and changing its directory location. No luck. Please let me know if there's anything else I could try. Thanks.
  6. same problem
  7. Too many new things at once. Get back to old map and make changes gradually.