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  2. my nickname : MazaWaza his nick : Real_Click link title : tiny end of the game we lose only 1 tower he went afk did not def and he only toss players to die he toss ezalor and tossed husker end of the game thanks
  3. my nickname : MazaWaza his nick : CrniRadovan link: title : hate speech rebuic keep talking in hate speech in the game about muslims and about 3rd world i warn him but he keep doing it in english and talking to his mate seeker in other language ban him so he learn manners because he think this is unpunishable time stamp 20:26 time stamp 21:02 time stamp 21:43 time stamp 24:57 and more thanks & Regards @Darkness.GoD†
  4. my nickname : MazaWaza his nick : tiny :Gavin_ ,,, omni : _趙小忝 ,,, wind: 中国.淫兽 link : title 3 leavers ban them because they want to play like they want so when they cant they just left ban this 3 to learn not to leave a game later on thanks
  5. my nickname : MazaWaza his nick : terror : G00dDem ,,, Rasta : [br]lord_vader link : title terror went afk dont want to play and said he is afk and FF also rasta went afk so please ban both for manners ty
  6. my nickname MazaWaza his nick name: Syduck as long as u give an admin an authority to host a game so he can do that and let anyone HE want to play or not but as long as he signgame he cant kick or swap a player from a game thats according to Charbel when he SAY that on main to Cedric and Ace and SiQ and when i asked him he said he can do that and i should kiss his ass to play with him >>>>>>256256syduck: MazaWaza 685685syduck: 762762syduck: report my ass 870870syduck: its allowed dog we full top 176176syduck: and u want to play with me i dont have slot for u @KoolSaVaS the link he sent me saying its allowed because you said that But Charbel said no he cant before he was reporting anyone to get banned to be an admin and now when he do he start to control RGC games @Darkness.GoD†
  7. my nickname : MazaWaza his nick : yoko. link: title spell abuse tiny keep tossing me mid to die i warn him i will ban him he dont care min 4 min 5 min 8 and more ban him to learn manners ty