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  1. Demoted by Loveca_ Thanks for reporting . about leave he leave After the game was Rmk I cant do anything about it i
  2. will be fix in new map dont worry about it
  3. http://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/client-ban-history.php?m=1&var=nosalvari you are not banned anymore and you can relog with your account I am pretty sure you make Cedric so mad that's why the rage ban but you are not banned anymore good luck
  4. [10:58] FaceLordPashmak: !timeunban misgumis Last Chance Given misgumis has been unbanned by FaceLord. next time if you leave from game i cant help you anymore and this is LoD Section : http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/80-lod/ GoodLuck !
  5. Wrong Section For Report http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/11-north-south-america-region/ http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/19-cis-region/ http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/15-middle-east-region/ http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/11-north-south-america-region/ http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/13-asia-region/ http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/9-europe-region/
  6. do you report for leave or invalid rmk?
  7. please provide me gameid
  8. [19:07] FaceLordPashmak: !unvouch die.then.wtf.4 using !kick in non prv Host 3409423 die.then.wtf.4 has been unvouched. Thanks for reporting .
  9. /p tokhmi you are not allowed to have multi tc account
  10. [12:01] FaceLordPashmak: !timeban _wall_street_ 3d Leaver + Banned in Iran LoD http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=lod&id=3399361 _wall_street_ is now timebanned from this channel until 10:40 on 10/10/2017 Thanks for reporting .
  11. afk

    [12:00] FaceLordPashmak: !timeban inC-eliot 5d AFK http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1507337688 inC-eliot is now timebanned from this channel until 10:38 on 12/10/2017 Thanks for reporting .
  12. 02:35 SCOURGE _Negan_ 6 left 02:41 SCOURGE _Negan_ go leave 02:44 SCOURGE _Negan_ you noob 05:07 SCOURGE _Negan_ pick 05:11 SCOURGE _Negan_ good 05:13 SCOURGE _Negan_ rmk 05:16 ALLCHAT _Negan_ rmk kick 6 06:38 ALLCHAT _Negan_ lol 06:41 ALLCHAT _Negan_ play? 06:44 ALLCHAT _Negan_ 6 dont pick 06:47 ALLCHAT _Negan_ troll 06:48 ALLCHAT _Negan_ ursa 06:50 ALLCHAT _Negan_ duel 06:51 ALLCHAT _Negan_ :)) 06:55 ALLCHAT _Negan_ 6super noob 07:06 SCOURGE _Negan_ !votermk 07:14 ALLCHAT _Negan_ rmk fast 07:26 ALLCHAT _Negan_ dont rmk ? 07:33 ALLCHAT _Negan_ ok 09:19 ALLCHAT _Negan_ Rmk ?? 09:23 ALLCHAT _Negan_ host 09:27 ALLCHAT _Negan_ i seyd you rmk 09:28 ALLCHAT _Negan_ Dont ? 09:31 ALLCHAT _Negan_ asshold 09:34 ALLCHAT _Negan_ can talk ? 09:36 ALLCHAT _Negan_ ok 10:14 ALLCHAT _Negan_ rmk ? 10:17 SCOURGE _Negan_ !Votermk and tell me why I think you did it because of this? they didn't rmk and you unplugged your cable ☼ intentional disconnects count as gameruin. and what is the worth of game when you can just unplug your cable and don't ban because of it?
  13. Already banned by Amara Warcraft Thanks for reporting .
  14. Already Banned by Amara Warcraft Thanks for reporting .
  15. Already Banned by MySelf Thanks for reporting .