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  1. I laughed more at you're post than his
  2. Share you're favourite songs, I hope you all have a good day. Lets make this forum active Post as many songs as you like but please don't spam.
  3. This is the wrong section.
  4. It says the very word 'Maintenance'. It happens to all of us, there is nothing to fix.
  5. ?
  7. you couldn't be more right.
  8. This is in the wrong section.
  9. Open World -> Skyrim
  10. lol you serious?
  11. this is in the wrong section
  12. In RGC when someone adds you on their friendlist you can't stop them from doing that. It likes they are following you everywhere, like a pair of eyes watching your actions what you're doing and you can't stop it. This is sad. I hope some system is introduced like the user gets the option the confirm or delete friend requests, like facebook.
  13. Yea it will be cool !