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  1. Wrong section
  2. Wrong Section
  3. Wrong Section
  4. One More Light - Linkin Park
  5. Wrong Section
  7. yes

  9. you don't have any current bans and this is the wrong section.
  10. !Support
  11. Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me
  12. !Support It's worth keeping a record of the spendings.
  13. Singapore needs active staffs. 1). Must be aware of the RGC's penalization rules. 2). Must be matured enough to make the right decisions. 3). Must have a low warning level. Do not whisper any staff while the recruitment is on going. Application Form 1. Your RGC Display Name: 2. How can you contribute to the group?: 3. Why should we pick you?: Additional Information Your name: Age: State, Country: Languages you speak : Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: How often active are you?:
  14. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
  15. I love it.