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  1. Oh no no watch again pls ! He hook me to the highground and Roshan kills me, and that's not for punishment?
  2. _D00M_ 卍.F.B.I..卍 http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1524562411 34 min hooked me from rs and take aegis and from 40 min stay afk for different time and refuses to defense
  3. _D00M_ ECFG (EU) Public http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1524218270 chat history : http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=56522645 that guy started to offend me and the other players with racist and national pride for no apparent reason
  4. _D00M_ GTR´ http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1523446614 24 mints he say this last fight with us nad refuse to play with team and defense base
  5. ok guys I'm waiting for sixth day someone to look at this question, how long do you need to spend the fifteen days ?
  6. _D00M_ gameruin I'm sorry about what happened, just Tiny playing very poorly and just stealing the killings and I was nervous about it. please be given a chance this is my first report http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1520413093
  7. _D00M_ cedars!!!silver http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1520716675 refuse to defense and stay afk in base from 20 min to the end of the game
  8. Thats is pure rage report for fail mid . . . and seeking justification in others for their loss 33 min he stop my port with Tiny (leaver)
  9. there is no point in reporting him, he is a man of the staff and obviously has no rules for him. Now it will be "warned" and everything is fine . . . is that correct Cedric ? You "warm" him many times
  10. _D00M_ Führer (Eu) Public http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1519290329 after fb he kicked dead player and rmk the game in public game . . . тhis is his next abuse, when will you let him do what he wants?
  11. _D00M_ Führer (Eu) Public http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1518256664 I was dead, he started insulting me and kicked me
  12. _D00M_ Führer http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1518256664
  13. hahah this is funny , ok . . .
  14. _D00M_ gg_n1 http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1518082067 all game farm and die solo , when enemy pushed he still farm and refuse to play with team we lost cuz we play 4vs5 all game
  15. why was not he punished?